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How To Use Crystals To Give Your Home A "Spiritual Cleansing"

Crystals are powerful spiritual tools that help shift, move, and diffuse energy in the environment in which they are placed.

Heather Askinosie
March 29 2016

Essentials For A Minimalist Kitchen

Erin Boyle, the writer, photographer, and minimalist behind "Reading My Tea Leaves," shares her essentials for a minimalist kitchen.

Erin Boyle
March 21 2016

8 No-Fuss Houseplants To Add Some Zen To Your Space

Can I let you in on a little secret? Having a “green thumb” is a myth.

Erin Marino
February 16 2016

How To Invite Great Energy Into Your Home

With the exhilarating energy of the New Year comes the perfect time to kick-start your goals and finally realize the life you want. Since your home so...

Sunny Fuller
January 14 2016

9 Ways Your Life Will Improve When You Declutter

If you’ve ever cleaned out a junk drawer or a stuffed closet in your home and felt an incredible surge of satisfaction, you’ve experienced some of the...

Dana Claudat
November 27 2015

We Met The Man Who Lives In New York's Tiniest Apartment (Amazing Photos)

Grayson Altenberg's studio apartment in New York City measures in at less than 100 square feet — roughly the size of the average American bathroom.

Emma Loewe
November 24 2015

5 Ways To Make Your Space As Zen As This Breathtaking Yoga Studio

When your just-opened yoga studio is featured in the New York Times and Vogue, it'd be easy to let it go to your head. Yet that is so not the case at...

Gabrielle Frank
October 9 2015

I Built Myself A 196-Square Foot Tiny Home To Live In. Here's Why

Everyone has their own reason to minimize and downsize. Mine had to do with creating a lifestyle free of debt and full of the flexibility to do what I...

Macy Miller
August 31 2015

11 Incredible Tiny Homes You Have To See To Believe

To see the latest housing trend, you're going to have to look pretty closely.

Emma Loewe
July 29 2015

5 Powerful Feng Shui Tips To Energize Your Workspace

The office is generally where money is made, so it’s clearly important. Plus, if you're working an eight-hour workday, well, that's a third of your...

Katie Rogers
May 21 2015