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Make Your Home A Green Oasis With These 7 Genius Design Hacks

These photos will leave you swooning for a new succulent.

Emily Katz
July 27 2016

The 5 Talismans You Need To Feel Beautiful

Talismans carry symbolic meanings that hark back to ancient times and, with each, placing them in your home or wearing them not only brings calm but...

Anjie Cho
July 8 2016

How To Use Feng Shui To Manifest Prosperity & Abundance

Get ready to welcome some seriously positive energy into your life.

Dana Claudat
July 3 2016

Is Your Rug Toxic? How To Find A Greener Alternative

Stunning eco-friendly floor coverings you'll be begging to sink your feet into.

Emma Loewe
June 2 2016

A Guide To Pretty, Eco-Friendly Curtains That'll Play Up Any Window

These organic and recycled panels will give your home an easy eco-refresh.

May 19 2016
PAID CONTENT FOR Joshua Becker, author of The Minimalist Home

12 Creative Ways to Declutter Your Home

Declutter your home (and have fun doing it) with these 12 creative ideas.

May 4 2016

Why Fast Furniture Is Harmful + What To Buy Instead

Unlike the furniture of our grandparents, furniture today is often not made to last generations (let alone an apartment move).

Jenny Morrill
April 29 2016

5 Starter Succulents For Busy Plant Parents

Versatile and low-maintenance, succulents make excellent starter greens for plant parents with busy schedules.

Erin Marino
April 19 2016

What's Your Flower Color? Choose The Perfect Bloom For Any Mood

“More than anything, I must have flowers always, always.”

Ariella Chezar
April 7 2016

How To Use Crystals To Give Your Home A "Spiritual Cleansing"

Crystals are powerful spiritual tools that help shift, move, and diffuse energy in the environment in which they are placed.

Heather Askinosie
March 29 2016

Essentials For A Minimalist Kitchen

Erin Boyle, the writer, photographer, and minimalist behind "Reading My Tea Leaves," shares her essentials for a minimalist kitchen.

Erin Boyle
March 21 2016