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3 Colors That Can Instantly Boost Your Mood: An Energy Reader Explains

Red roses serve as physical manifestations of this vibrant tone.

Dougall Fraser
December 17 2016

The Complete Guide To Treating & Preventing Hangovers

You don't need to avoid the season's parties; just arm yourself with knowledge, and enjoy!

Elizabeth Inglese
December 8 2016

The "I Woke Up Like This" Guide To Holistic Facial Treatments

These will eventually eliminate the need for any makeup for a true "I woke up like this" moment.

Lindsay Kellner
December 7 2016

Why Science Says Mindfulness Is Important + How Crystals Can Help

Straight from one of the world's leading crystal experts.

Judy Hall
November 17 2016

How To Harness The Power Of Tonight's Moon To Cleanse Your Crystals

The moon is like the fairy godmother of crystal cleaning, and its bright lunar energy serves to cleanse them of all lingering negativity.

Emma Mildon
November 14 2016

Going To See A Holistic Doctor? Bring This Checklist With You

If you're looking to make a lifestyle change, it's important to find a doctor who treats the human body as a whole. You want someone who doesn't just...

Isabelle Marsh
November 9 2016

The One Mantra Everyone Should Live By: A Shaman Explains

In this clip from #revitalize2016, Shaman Durek shares the message that he believes can unite all beings on earth.

November 7 2016

How To Turn Your Teatime Into A Soothing Daily Ritual

Add a little mindfulness to your daily matcha.

Lauren Becker
November 2 2016

The Perfect Holistic Healing Treatment For Your Zodiac Sign

Acupuncture? Sound healing? Forest bathing? Find out which one is written in the stars for you.

Emma Loewe
October 21 2016

These Are The 5 Best Pharmacies In New York For Rare Natural Products

These neighborhood pharmacies will actually know your name—not to mention your maladies—and can recommend something to help with your health concerns.

Lindsay Cohn
October 17 2016

I Always Hide Crystals In My Bra. Here's Why

Your dreams and aspirations are precious and sensitive things, especially in the beginning. Of course, there's a time and place to stand up and tell...

Laura Ellis
October 14 2016

How To Harness Your Spiritual Power: A Shaman Explains

Shaman Durek is on a mission to help everyone unlock their own spiritual power. In this clip from #revitalize2016, he shares how to confront the...

October 10 2016

Why Being Optimistic Is Good For Your Health (And How To Work Your Positivity Muscle)

Yeah, you can actually learn to be more optimistic. And here are some of the reasons you SHOULD.

Deepika Chopra, PsyD
October 10 2016

The Moment I Knew I Was A Shaman

Shaman Durek has known that he possessed an otherworldly gift since preschool. Here, he discusses what it was like growing up with the ability to...

September 25 2016