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I'm A Crystal Healer. Here's Why I Don't Think Meditation Is For Everyone

This spiritual seeker makes the case for other ways to stay Zen.

Laura Ellis
February 8 2017

Holistic Practices For Combating Substance Abuse

The 12-step program doesn't work for everyone. Here's how to take a more holistic approach.

Ashley McCann
February 4 2017

The 4 Spiritual Teachers Who Have Totally Revolutionized My Life

Whether you're doing the dishes or riding on the train, listening to their words or reading their texts can put you in positive mind space within...

Rishma Petraglia
January 22 2017

Why I Quit My Corporate Job To Become A Hypnotherapist

Forget what you've seen in the stage shows or the Hollywood movies and think about it this way: Hypnosis is simply meditation with a goal.

Grace Smith
January 21 2017

Why The Thoughts You Think Are As Important As The Supplements You Take

Discover the true power of intention and its role in your health.

Trish Ward
January 8 2017

5 Holistic Self-Care Tips For Winter

Easy, warming, and grounding rituals to add to your routine.

Larissa Hall Carlson
December 19 2016