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The Surprising Benefits Of A Consistent Reiki Practice

Gwyneth Paltrow and other wellness elites swear by this one.

Sarah Farris
March 26 2017

A Medical Intuitive Predicted My Health Problems: Here's What I Learned

I wasn't much a believer—until all her predictions came true.

Marika Lindholm, PhD
March 19 2017

These Are The 5 Best Natural Remedies For Pain

There's a difference between healing pain and covering it up.

Cheryl Myers, R.N.
March 17 2017

Spirit Almanac: Your Guide To Celebrating March's Mystical Holidays

This month, we're unpacking the mystical magic of March with flower essences, candle rituals, and powerful women's gatherings.

Emma Loewe
March 7 2017

8 Little Lies You Tell Your Doctor, And Why They're Hurting You

"There's no shame in telling the truth because your body is already speaking for you."

Eva Selhub, M.D.
March 1 2017

This Week Is All About Intuition. Here's Your Angel Card Reading For The Next 7 Days

If you, like us, are all about getting a little mystical from time to time, we've got something to add to your high-vibe repertoire: Angel Cards.

David Piazza
February 27 2017

I Never Knew I Was At Risk For A Stroke. Here's What I Wish I Knew

Learn to manage inflammation and prevent a stroke.

Jessica Diaz
February 20 2017

Actress Jennifer Esposito Was Misdiagnosed For 25 Years. Here's How She Finally Got Well

"The day I got my diagnosis, the doctor said something I'll never forget: 'I don't know how you’re still alive.'"

Jennifer Esposito
February 16 2017