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9 Unexpected Tips To Beat Stress When Your Life Is A Mess

With the extra hustle and bustle of the season (shopping, decorating, wrapping, socializing, etc.), it's easy to feel less than wonderful during this...

Debbie Hampton
December 22 2014

Our Favorite Grounding Yoga Poses For The Holidays

Have you ever felt so wound up by the chaos of the holidays that by the time you're exchanging gifts and feasting with family, you're just ready for...

Andrea Rice
December 22 2014

Raspberry-Mint Cheesecake (No Sugar Added)

This refined-sugar-free cheesecake is a dead-set crowd pleaser with the beautiful berry swirl on top and the dense creamy filling.

Sarah Wilson
December 22 2014

10 Toxic Habits To Avoid When Winter's Bumming You Out

For many people, winter feels like a time when stress and sickness are inevitable. But they don't have to be! If you avoid these 10 habits, you can...

Dr. Nancy Simpkins
December 22 2014

Achieve Instant Zen With These 3 Strategies

As a wellness and meditation guide, I get swamped around the holidays with clients who feel great all year but lose their peaceful mind during the...

Cassandra Bodzak
December 22 2014

9 Mindful Ways To Actually Enjoy Your Holiday Travel

'Twas the flight before Christmas and from early check-in to final approach, you feel your inner Scrooge stirring, in need of a happy holiday coach....

Andrea Marcum
December 22 2014

10 Yoga Poses For Long, Sexy Legs

Are you planning to sport that short, sparkly dress for New Year's Eve?

Julie Wilcox
December 21 2014

10 Inspiring Yoga & Mindfulness Books To Give This Holiday

Maybe it's because I teach for a living, but I'm a book giver by nature.

Samantha Rose
December 20 2014

An Efficient 4-Step Workout To Strengthen Your Core

The holiday season and the vacation time that comes with it can be a blessing, but it can also bring elevated levels of stress into the body.

Jessi Andricks
December 20 2014

20 Mindful Habits To Practice For A Happier Holiday

As the holiday season moves into full swing, it's important to remember that it IS possible to engage in too much of a good thing.

Scott Eblin
December 19 2014

This Surprising New Year's Resolution Could Transform Your Life

Goal setting can be a wonderful thing, helping us create the lives we want. However, feeling like we always have to be "doing better" can leave us...

Courtney Sunday
December 18 2014
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5 Easy Ways To Add Health To The Holidays

Ah, the holidays. They're a beautiful time of love, laughter, and togetherness…and overindulgence and hangovers.

December 18 2014

A Classic American Holiday Dessert, Made Healthier

Even though my mom's age and socioeconomic position suggests otherwise, neither she nor any of the other women in my family ever jumped on the jell-o...

Vivian Howard
December 18 2014

A Healthier Latke With Sweet Potatoes + Tofu Sour Cream

Kenden Alfond, founder of the beautiful new website Jewish Food Hero, lends us her Sweet + Savory Mini Latkes, which you can make for a healthier,...

Kenden Alfond
December 17 2014

7 Tips To Stay Healthy While You Party

Rockstars have to manage hours of intense performance on stage followed by partying into the wee hours of the morning. Their livelihood depends on...

Laura McDonald
December 17 2014

A Circuit Workout For When You're Super Short On Time

It's that time of the year again! Christmas is around the corner and everybody seems to be stressed and short on time. You've got lots of things to...

Ines Festini
December 16 2014

9 Strategies To Curb Cravings

Whatever your dietary enemy is, count on it appearing during the three-month sugar orgy that starts in October and ends New Year's Day. Without fail,...

JJ Virgin
December 16 2014
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Secrets To Navigating The Holidays With Ease

'Tis the season to be stressed out…but it doesn't have to be. Sure, December is over-scheduled, over-indulgent, and over-stuffed with gatherings,...

December 15 2014

How The Holidays Are Ruining Yoga

Every year, the holidays piss me off.

Jamie Silverstein
December 15 2014