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3 Healthy Holiday Recipes That Will Wow Your Guests

Classic holiday flavors with a healthy twist, these three recipes will brighten your day and lighten your plate!

Candice Kumai
December 19 2015

A Brain Scan Can Reveal Whether Or Not You Have Christmas Spirit

Are you the type of person who groans loudly every year the first time you see a Christmas commercial (likely the day after Thanksgiving)? Or are you...

Emi Boscamp
December 18 2015

Your Guide To Avoiding A Hangover: What To Do Before, During & After Drinking Alcohol

It’s the holiday rush. You’re struggling to keep up with those end-of-year deadlines and buying that perfect gift for Grandma. So you forget to eat...

James Swanwick
December 11 2015

How To Boost Your Immune System (Right Before Cold Season Strikes)

Winter is upon us! It's an exciting season for many reasons — but it also means we'll likely be spending more time indoors, less time exercising, more...

Francesca Vazquez, PsyD
December 9 2015

The 3 Biggest Problems Couples Face During The Holidays (And How To Deal With Them)

It’s not unusual for us to fall in love with people who are quite different from us. Once the initial infatuation evaporates, those differences will...

Linda Carroll, M.S. LMFT
December 5 2015

3 Weird Ways Winter Can Hurt Your Health (Besides The Common Cold)

Between jam-packed schedules, gift-giving pressures, and family hosting duties, the holidays can be a stressful time — as we are all aware of.

Dr. David A. Greuner
December 1 2015

5 Simple Ways To Practice Gratitude This Thanksgiving (Even If You Don't Feel Thankful)

Everyone tries to be more grateful during the time leading up to Thanksgiving, despite how easy it can be to slip into bitterness and cynicism....

Dr. Elisa Medhus
November 25 2015

An Absurdly Good Gluten-Free Stuffing For Thanksgiving

This dish is a great addition to your Thanksgiving table, especially if you're serving gluten-free guests. But really, everyone will want to save room...

Alex Thomopoulos
November 24 2015

Gingerbread Spice Cake (It's Gluten-Free!)

This gluten-free gingerbread spice cake is full of good-for-you ingredients (like coconut oil, flaxseeds, and butternut squash puree). It's the...

Ivy Larson
November 20 2015

10 Ways To Cure Your Heartburn (Without Taking Drugs)

With Thanksgiving approaching, millions of us will soon be stuffed like a turkey — and suffering from heartburn as a result.

Leo Galland, M.D.
November 9 2015

3 Tips For A More Plant-Based Rosh Hashanah Celebration

Who hasn’t left the table after a holiday meal feeling stuffed and bloated?

Kenden Alfond
September 9 2015

3-Ingredient Raw Chocolate Easter Eggs

Making your own raw chocolate is a surprisingly quick, easy and delicious process and, in this case, only requires three ingredients.

Meg Hackett
April 4 2015

Avoid A Sugar Hangover This Easter With These 7 Tips

Easter has arrived, and with it comes sugar-filled goodies, overstuffed tummies and hyperactive kiddies. Avoid a sugar hangover this year by kicking...

Sarah Wilson
April 3 2015

How To Cook Your Best Passover Seder Ever (And Actually Enjoy It)

We all want Passover to feel meaningful and special. It is easy to make the mistake that “special” equals overdoing it in the food department. I’d...

Kenden Alfond
April 2 2015

Sláinte! How To Make Your Own Vegan Bailey's

Bless the Irish for this delicious beverage. This is our vegan version that may make you reliquish the bottled stuff. Refined and creamy with very...

Anca Toderic
March 17 2015

Give Up These 10 Things To Get Happier In 2015

Ah, the New Year. Clichéd resolutions aside, seeing fresh numbers on the calendar does hit the reset button, offering a little push toward whatever...

January 21 2015

How To Eat A Cheeseburger & Wind Up Healthy (Funny)

Americans face every January with renewed resolutions to fight the fat, battle the bulge, handle the love handles. And yet, every year the Centers for...

Will Clower, PhD
January 12 2015