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The 10 Best Healthy Vacation Destinations To Add To Your 2018 Bucket List

Get ready to spark your wanderlust.

#Journey #empowerment #environmentalism #hiking #joy
Liz Moody
January 24 2018

How Micro-Dosing On Cannabis Led To The Strongest Workouts Of My Life

No. 3 makes a huge difference.

#hiking #running
Brock Cannon
January 21 2018

Experts Say This Workout Trend Might Surpass Yoga In Popularity This Year

The only downside? You'll have to wear shoes.

#empowerment #hiking #yoga
Leigh Weingus
January 12 2018

The Hormone-Balancing Workout That Helped Me Get My Period Back

I didn't have my period for eight years. This is what did the trick.

#fertility #hiit #hiking #running #yoga
Danielle Pascente
January 7 2018

Here's How To Safely Forage Your Own Food Outdoors

Weeds are friends (and food).

#environmentalism #hiking #organic food #superfoods
Céline Jennison
November 11 2017
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Ditch Your Music For A Better Workout? Here's How

Instead of your trusty music playlist, why not try audiobooks on your next trail run? You'll help expand your mind while moving your body.

#brain #hiking #music #running #technology
October 20 2017

The Park Rx: Why Spending Time In Nature Is So Restorative

There's just something about stepping outside after a long day indoors.

#environmentalism #hiking #joy
Emma Loewe
October 10 2017

The One Thing That Finally Ended My Perpetual Fear Of Death

"I realized that if I was going to die, I would be able to deal with it then. Now is the time to live."

Biet Simkin
July 16 2017

For Your Scrolling Pleasure: The Most Beautiful Hikes In The World

After conducting a not-at-all-scientific survey of our Instagram feeds, we've decided that these are the hikes to start with—each one more...

Emma Loewe
April 30 2017

The Scenic Trip You'll Want To Take With Your Wellness Tribe ASAP

Wanderlustin' hard over here.

#hiking #swimming
Emma Loewe
November 28 2016

Should You *Really* Get 10,000 Steps A Day? How To Up Your Daily Step Count

Though it may seem like a high amount of steps, it's pretty doable.

#energy #hiking #running
Jenny McCoy
October 19 2015