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An Adaptogenic Chocolate Mousse For Beautiful Skin

A dessert with adaptogens, superfoods, and peanut butter—what more could you ask for?

Sophie Jaffe
January 15 2017

A 5-Night Healthy Meal Plan To Steal From This Raw Food Chef, Yogi, And Mom

Mom and yogi Sophie Jaffe shares five nights of easy weeknight dinners for her family using food-prep tools to help simplify the process.

Sophie Jaffe
January 10 2017

A Cleansing Soup To Reset Your Digestive System

Who couldn't use a bowl of soup on a day like today?

Nicole Pisani
January 8 2017

I'm A Thyroid Expert. This Is My Go-To Breakfast

You'll feel amazing all day after you eat this thyroid-nourishing breakfast.

Fern Olivia
January 6 2017
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A Decadent Vegan & Gluten-Free French Toast

Nobody will ever guess this rich and decadent French toast recipe doesn't contain wheat, eggs, or dairy.

January 4 2017

The Only Cocktails You Need To Celebrate New Year's Eve (They're Healthy, Too)

Yes, a turmeric margarita exists, and yes—you'll want to try this one.

Liz Moody
December 28 2016