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Why Being Optimistic Is Good For Your Health (And How To Work Your Positivity Muscle)

Yeah, you can actually learn to be more optimistic. And here are some of the reasons you SHOULD.

#happiness #health #holistic healing
Deepika Chopra, PsyD
October 10 2016

8 Things I Do Every Day To Keep My Hormones Balanced: A Doctor Explains

Intermittent fasting, adaptogenic supplements, and blue light-blocking glasses are just three pro tips this integrative M.D. shares as part of her...

#Ayurveda #balance #happiness #health #hormones
Amy Shah, M.D.
October 6 2016

Move Over PSL: 5 Reasons To Sip Golden Milk Today

Get on board with an Ayurvedic "Happy Hour" by incorporating Golden Milk into your end-of-day wind-down routine.

#Ayurveda #happiness #meditation #relaxation #stress
October 4 2016

Essential Secrets To Aging Gracefully

Shouldn't your whole life be an adventure?

#abundance #aging #happiness #personal growth
Danielle Dowling, Psy.D.
October 4 2016

How Social Media Is Really Affecting Your Yoga Practice

Just a little something to think about before you post your next selfie.

#happiness #yoga #yoga poses
Natasha Chawla
September 25 2016

How To Become The Happiest Version Of Yourself, Every Single Morning

Ready to roll out of bed with some serious passion?

#energy #gratitude #happiness #mind body connection
Brock Cannon
September 24 2016

3 Ways To Be Happier Right This Instant

Over the course of many years my colleague Brené Brown has interviewed tens of thousands of people, and she has found one primary difference between...

#abundance #happiness #personal growth
Robert Weiss, PhD, MSW
September 22 2016
PAID CONTENT FOR Whole Foods Market

The Whole Foods Market Steals This Best-Selling Cookbook Author Can't Live Without

What can you find in Candice Kumai's grocery cart? Colorful produce, beauty-promoting fruits, fresh greens, and protein-packed nuts and seeds.

#food #grocery shopping #happiness #healthy foods #healthy recipes
Candice Kumai
September 21 2016

Everything You Need To Know About Food Allergies (Even If You Don't Have Them)

Allergies and food sensitivities can be complicated. Let us break it down for you.

#allergies #food #food as medicine #food sensitivity #gluten
September 17 2016

5 Choices That'll Keep You In The Honeymoon Phase Your Whole Life

We all know that many long-term relationships eventually become distant, conflicted, boring, and/or passionless. Some people believe that this is...

#happiness #love #marriage #relationships
Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
September 15 2016

4 Questions To Help You Find & Follow Your Heart’s Desire

Our dreams inspire you, cultivate your courage, and challenge us to be and do more. Make them count.

#career #goal #goal setting #happiness #personal growth
Alexandra Taketa
September 13 2016

This Organizational Technique Will Totally Change Your Life

Mari Kondo spills the four ways in which decluttering not only tidy up, but also spark life fulfillment.

#gratitude #happiness #home #joy
September 7 2016

Why Saving Money Doesn't Create Abundance (And What To Do Instead)

If budgeting was the answer to your money problems, wouldn't they have been solved long ago?

#abundance #happiness #manifestation
Simone Milasas
September 4 2016

A 10-Song Playlist That Can Make Any Day Better

Prepare for some serious head bobbing.

#happiness #music
Lissa Rankin, M.D.
September 3 2016

Positive Thinking Not Getting You What You Want? Try This Instead

"Rather than the nonstop effort of positive thinking, here are four easy, pragmatic tools for creating change."

#happiness #personal growth
Dain Heer, D.C.
August 31 2016

5 Ways To Still Feel Like Yourself When You're Pregnant

Remember to take time for *you* as you prepare to bring another magnificent human being into the world.

#happiness #motherhood #pregnancy
Sarah Bivens
August 29 2016

Why Anger Is Good For You + 5 Healthy Ways To Express It

Pent-up anger makes us sick. Healthy expression is good.

#anger #happiness
Julie Booksh
August 27 2016

How To Get Vulnerable & Learn To Share Your Inner Truth

"Once you've done the work of aligning with your truths and getting comfortable sharing them with the world, you can use your power to help other...

#abundance #happiness
Danielle Dowling, Psy.D.
August 25 2016

10 Funny Things That Only Happen To People Who Do Yoga

From falling asleep during savasana to drinking green juice on dates, anyone who does yoga can laugh at these 10 funny things that only happen to...

#funny #happiness #wellness #yoga #partner
Caley Alyssa
August 24 2016

The Only 4 Habits You Need For True, Enduring Happiness (According To Science)

"Find an activity (or activities) in which you experience 'flow.' This can be defined as a state where time stops and you feel completely submerged in...

#abundance #gratitude #happiness #joy
Francesca Vazquez, PsyD
August 24 2016