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Is Kombucha Actually Healthy? Functional Doctors Weigh In

The wellness world is obsessed—but is it doing more harm than good?

Liz Moody
September 18 2017

This Is How Doctors Use Apple Cider Vinegar

Ever wonder how the pros use ACV?

Gretchen Lidicker
September 14 2017

Why Healthy People Are Often MORE Bloated

These so-called healthy foods might be the culprit.

Danielle Capalino, R.D., MSPH
September 1 2017

The Science-Backed Depression Treatments This Holistic Counselor Swears By

These depression fighters are accessible to anyone and everyone. Creating the life you want starts here and now.

Lori Morrison
August 25 2017

Wondering Why You're Always Bloated?

Is your anxiety causing your bloat?

Edward Levitan, M.D.
August 18 2017

I'm A Gut Health Expert. This Is My Go-To Easy Weeknight Dinner

It's super quick AND delicious.

Vincent M. Pedre, M.D.
August 16 2017

A Full Day’s Worth Of Good-For-Your-Gut Recipes (From A Top Plant-Based Chef)

Harnessing the healing power of plants, each of these meals is easy to make and will leave you feeling amazing.

Adam Kenworthy
August 15 2017

Do You Really Have To Cut Out Gluten For Optimal Health?

Break the cycle of: Eat. Bloat. Suffer. Repeat.

Wendie Trubow, M.D., MBA
August 14 2017

The Two Unlikely (And Super-Common) Culprits Behind My Gut Problems

Most people eat at least one of these every day.

Cameron Linville
August 11 2017