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This Homemade Instant Noodle Bowl Is Easy To Make & Gut-Friendly

Allow us to introduce you to the perfect meal for an especially wintry afternoon.

Jamie Schneider
December 13 2019

Scientists Are One Step Closer To A Vaccine For Chronic Inflammation

Researchers may have discovered a way to prevent inflammation through vaccination.

Sarah Regan
December 12 2019

BPA Is More Of A Problem Than We Thought — But You Can Still Avoid It

A new study found BPA levels in people might be a lot higher than we previously thought.

Sarah Regan
December 6 2019

Babies In New Study Cried 50% Less After Taking This Supplement

It is estimated that 40% of infants go through colic at some point, which basically means an otherwise healthy baby cries for more than three hours a...

Sarah Regan
December 5 2019

New Study Explains Why Ginseng Can Help You Lose Weight

Researchers were able to isolate a key part of how ginseng can aid in weight loss.

Eliza Sullivan
December 2 2019

Intermittent Fasting Linked With Longevity In New Heart Study

Longevity may be yet another positive side effect of intermittent fasting to add to the list.

Sarah Regan
November 26 2019

Are 'Smart' Toilets The Future Of Wellness Technology?

New study suggests "smart toilets" could be the technology of the future, monitoring health and helping with diagnostics.

Gretchen Lidicker, M.S.
November 19 2019

New Study Finds What Really Controls Our Appetite & Makes Us Feel Full

We're all used to saying "my stomach is full," but does anyone know what that actually means?

Christina Coughlin
November 14 2019

5 Reasons You're Not Seeing Results On The Keto Diet & How to Fix Them

Feel like you've hit a wall? Here's how to keep reaping those keto benefits.

Vincent M. Pedre, M.D.
November 14 2019