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A Major Contributor To Depression & Grief We Need To Talk About More

Because climate change incites a range of complex emotions—beyond just anxiety.

#anxiety #stress #Guided Meditations #brain #Healthy Planet, Healthy You
Emma Loewe
February 22

I Have Synesthesia: 4 Tips To Supercharge Your Senses For Optimal Health

Everyone has sensory superpowers.

#mbgpodcast #Guided Meditations #stress #eye health
Jason Wachob
December 11 2023

The Medical System Has A Burnout Problem — But This Could Help

From a researcher at a leading medical school

#yoga #Guided Meditations

This Dreamy Town Is Known As The Capital Of Casual — You Need To Visit

Many tourists never even leave.

#Well Traveled #Guided Meditations #breath #skin care
Jamie Schneider
October 25 2023

How To Connect With Something Greater, Even If You're Not Religious

The feelings or experience of something larger can arise spontaneously or under certain conditions, but you can also create space for them.

#energy #Guided Meditations #breath
Catherine Duncan, MA, BCC
September 8 2023

I'm A Psychologist: Here's How To Actually Quiet Intrusive Thoughts

Recurrent intrusive thoughts can spark a feeling of extreme sensory overload.

#anxiety #Guided Meditations #body positivity
Hannah Frye
July 19 2023

I've Studied Spirituality For 10+ Years: 3 Daily Tips To Flex Your Soul Muscles

Some unsuspecting habits have the most power.

#mbgpodcast #Purpose #Guided Meditations #gratitude
Jason Wachob
July 17 2023

If You Struggle With Regulating Emotions, New Study Says This Can Help

It's well worth 15 minutes a day.

#Guided Meditations #depression #stress
Hannah Frye
June 7 2023

How To Use Sound To Make Your Life 10X Better, From A Neurologist

There is a hidden power within sound that has only begun to be investigated.

#mantras #Guided Meditations

I Had Terrible Insomnia — Until I Started Doing These Simple Things Before Bed

These self-care practices have been game-changing for Kimberly Snyder's sleep.

#The Wind Down #sleep #Guided Meditations #Ayurveda #motherhood
Kimberly Snyder
March 1 2023

Always In Your Head? 12 Ways To Be More Present In The Moment, From Experts

"Worrying does not take away tomorrow's troubles. It takes away today's peace."

#Guided Meditations #joy #stress #anxiety
Stephanie Catahan
February 23 2023

The Routine That Helps Me Avoid "Sleep Debt" & Get Consistent Rest

This routine helps me avoid "sleep debt."

#The Wind Down #sleep #Guided Meditations #massage
Anna Yusim, M.D.
February 15 2023

Deepak Chopra's 3 Must-Have Spirituality Tips To Boost Longevity

We don't talk enough about the spirituality of longevity.

#mbgpodcast #Guided Meditations #longevity
Jason Wachob
February 13 2023

Experts Say This One Thing Can Help You Build A Meditation Practice You'll Stick With

Support your body and your mind.

#Guided Meditations
Caitlyn Martyn
February 6 2023

Meditation vs. Breathwork: New Study Finds One Is Better For Beating Stress

This breathing pattern was found to be most effective in a head-to-head study.

#news #breath #Guided Meditations
Jenny Fant
January 18 2023

Naomi Osaka Spills Her Self-Care Secrets & How She Keeps Her Skin So Glowy

Her holistic, grounded routine feels especially refreshing.

#skin care #stress #Guided Meditations #As Of Late
Jamie Schneider
January 10 2023

The Best Meditation Pillows To Make Your Home & Your Life Feel Way More Zen

Drop and give me zen.

#Guided Meditations #Mental fitness
Jenna Tidd
December 26 2022

Introvert? These 3 Tips Will Change The Way You Approach Socializing

Just in time for the holiday season.

#Guided Meditations #gratitude
Megan Monahan
December 20 2022

Headspace vs. Calm: Everything You Want To Know About The Top Meditation Apps

Plus, why meditation can take your well-being to new heights.

#Guided Meditations
Jessie Quinn
October 9 2022

Meditation Apps Are All The Rage, But This One Is The Most Popular For A Reason

This meditation app feels like the cool spiritual uncle you want to hang with.

#Guided Meditations #technology #stress #breath #sleep
Stephanie Catahan
October 1 2022