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Vote Yes on Prop 37 to Know What's in Your Food

I don't believe in covering politics here at MBG. But I do believe in reading labels, hence, I think it's important to support Prop 37 in California....

Jason Wachob
October 27 2012

5 Easy Ways to Bring a Healthy Lunch to Work

You're at your desk when it hits you: hunger. Your stomach growls. A glance at the clock tells you it’s past lunchtime. All those promises to get on a...

Aimee DuFresne
October 9 2012

Enough with the Labels!

I’ve come to a conclusion: labels repel me.

Sara Courter
October 9 2012

How to Make Shopping Healthy Easy

“Um, where do you keep the nutritional yeast?” When I said this to the cashier at my local Whole Foods, what I really meant was, “What on Earth is...

Shelbi Giadone
October 8 2012

How Consumers Choose Healthy Foods (Infographic)

Why do you choose to eat healthy? Do you count calories? Do you opt for gluten-free or vegetarian? Check out some of these interesting data points on...

October 4 2012

5 Tips to Eat Organic On a Budget

Organic and affordable. The two words have become an oxymoron in many peoples' minds. And depending on where you shop, this is true. Buying organic...

Dr. Julie Hara
October 4 2012

11 Reasons I'm Obsessed with Spinach

I was totally obsessed with Popeye when I was younger. I loved his singing, the way he opened cans of spinach and how he got so cool and strong after...

Louise Jensen
October 3 2012

The Easiest Way to Eat Healthier

Want to eat healthier? There is an extremely simple way: start reading.

Lauren Rudick
October 3 2012

24 Simple Swaps You Can Make to Live Healthier

We are bombarded daily with information on how to live a healthy life - it can end up being rather overwhelming, confusing and almost demotivating....

Jessica Sepel
September 27 2012

My 10 Biggest Fears of Switching to a Plant-Based Diet

Rational or not, I have some real fears about my upcoming switch to a plant-based diet. Starting next week, I will be cutting out animal protein,...

Michelle Alcon
September 26 2012

5 Reasons to Shop the Bulk Bin

The perfect pairing with your local farmer’s market, the bulk bin provides all that is necessary to complete meals! No longer just for health food...

Susan Duprey
September 26 2012

Load Up on Antioxidants with Healthy Matcha Tea

There are a few things I’m passionate about such as rabbits (especially my 11 year-old-pet rabbit, PJ!), baseball (go Yankees!), and tea … especially...

Abby Phon
September 25 2012

5 Reasons to Feed Your Kids Organic

Think “organic” is a bunch of BS? Think again, for your kids’ sake.

Doug Tedeschi
September 24 2012

How to Use Tea as Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an ancient, ancient art and science. I’ll admit here that it is not one in which I am well versed. However, I...

Amy Jirsa, LMT
September 24 2012

7 Reasons Why Your Waistline Isn't Shrinking

Have you been doing everything 'right 'but you're still not losing weight? Here's what you might be doing wrong:

Autumn Brooks Clarke
September 24 2012

10 Immune Boosting Autumn Recipes

You know the drill by now. It starts with an itch in the back of your throat and ends with you lying on your couch slurping soup and watching way too...

Rebecca Leffler
September 21 2012

3 Tips to Make Healthy & Mindful School Lunches

I'll never forget the day I was at a yoga studio and a mom recognized me from my daughters pre-school. She walked right up to me to introduce herself...

Cheyana Van Dender
September 21 2012

7 Tips to Save Money Shopping Organic

Living green is beyond mainstream yet its still difficult for people to make a switch over to organic, mostly because the cost. Organic produce can...

Latham Thomas
September 19 2012

15 Must-Have Grocery Items for a Happy Belly

Digestion is a cornerstone of health. You might be used to hearing that we are what we eat, but Ayurveda, an ancient science of life and health, says...

Nadya Andreeva
September 18 2012

What You Put ON Your Body Is as Important as What You Put IN It

You’ve heard the old adage, “you are what you eat.” Now, I’d like to add another to that: “You are what you apply.” To your skin, that is! Substances...

Amy Myers, M.D.
September 18 2012