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Got Snot? Top 3 Reasons (And Solutions) From Ayurveda

Snot may be kind of gross, but it’s trying to help your body out. The snot could be lubricating your dried-out sinuses, it might be localizing the...

Cate Stillman
February 20 2013

Top 10 Foods For Detoxing

With a new year and changes in season, it’s typical to come across countless articles and advertisements about detoxing and cleansing, from companies...

Megan Rogers
February 19 2013

3 Powerful Herbs For Energy

Spring is coming. Okay, for those of you in the Northeast, it may not feel that way at the moment, but we really are beginning that countdown toward...

Amy Jirsa, LMT
February 15 2013

5 Sexy & Slimming Foods For Valentine's Day

Instead of spending this Valentine’s Day eating rich foods that leave you feeling bloated and heavy, amp up the chemistry between you and your partner...

Jodi Geigle
February 8 2013

5 Fats That Don't Make You Fat

There are a lot of myths out there regarding nutrition. We are always eager to try the next health fad or new diet in hopes of dropping pounds and...

Jen Broyles
February 4 2013

Trying for a Baby? Top 7 Foods for Fertility.

Planning for a baby is an exciting time. There's so much to think about, and food should be at the top of your (and your partner's) list!...

Mary Vance
February 4 2013

What You Need To Know About Shopping Organic

So you’ve decided to only eat natural, organic foods. Great! But how do you know if what you’re getting is actually natural and/or organic? Many...

Mike Walters
February 3 2013

Ultimate Guide To Gluten-Free Living (Infographic)

Have a question about eating gluten-free? Then check out this infographic entitled, "The Ultimate Guide to Gluten-Free Living" from TasteGuru.

January 18 2013

5 Sources of Plant-Based Protein You Can Find Easily

Recently my boyfriend has been hitting the gym hard and is looking to eat a diet higher in protein to build muscle and shed his post-college beer...

Gina Gibbons
January 11 2013

How To Quit Sugar In 30 Days

Quitting sugar... why would I do this?! I had been experiencing insomnia, anxiety and mood swings, and was having trouble losing weight. Once I kicked...

Kate Harris
January 10 2013

7 Superfoods To Help You Live Longer (Infographic)

We love superfoods and we love infographics, so suffice to say, we love this awesome infographic from Lemongraphic featured on Behance.

Jason Wachob
January 9 2013

Interesting Facts About Quinoa (Infographic)

Did you know that one serving of quinoa fills 48 percent of our daily magnesium needs? Check out these interesting facts about one of our favorite...

January 8 2013

The Biggest Farm Bill Loser (Video)

This video is funny, sad, and true. What do you think?

Jason Wachob
January 5 2013

7 Wellness Trends To Watch In 2013

What an amazing time to be in wellness! We're in the initial stages of a giant shift in the way health is perceived globally. This year I saw some...

Jason Wachob
December 26 2012

Why You Should Avoid Energy Drinks

As if you needed one more reason to run from soda...

December 14 2012

5 Spices That Should Be In Every Home

Ditch the table salt and irradiated ground black pepper! It’s time to improve your spice rack with delicious and aromatic flavors that will not only...

Maria Marlowe
November 28 2012

10 Best Superfoods for Women

Food is an important part of pleasure. And getting — and staying — healthy can often be as simple as optimizing what we eat. But how do you know what...

Aviva Romm, M.D.
November 26 2012

Non-GMO Thanksgiving Guide (Infographic)

Our friend, Dr. Frank Lipman, just tweeted about this infographic on having a healthy, non-GMO Thanksgiving from the Non-GMO Project.

November 21 2012

RIP Twinkies: Consumers Want Healthier Snacks

Hostess Brands, Inc. the maker of Twinkies, Ding Dongs, and Wonder Bread, has declared bankruptcy and will be closing. 

November 18 2012

5 Reasons You Need Apple Cider Vinegar

I used to pay no attention to the vinegar aisle in the grocery store.

Kobi Kenzo
November 17 2012