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4 Tips For Finding A Therapist You Really, Truly Connect With

It's so important to work with a therapist you truly trust and connect with.

#anxiety #depression #grief #stress
Georgina Berbari
May 26 2022

How To Write A Truly Meaningful Condolence Message, From Grief Experts

Don't worry about being poetic. Just show that you're there for them.

#grief #friendship

I Lost My Pregnancy: Here's How I'm Finding Community Now

Here's the thing about keeping a loss a secret: It erases it. And that just didn't feel right to me. Here's my story and what it taught me.

#motherhood #grief
Leah Gordon
April 13 2022

Why We Can't Downplay Sibling Grief, From Someone Who Experienced It Firsthand

5 things that helped get me through the first few years.

#death #grief #Mental fitness
Allison Ballenger
March 8 2022

How To Cope With Grief Amid 20th Anniversary Of 9/11, From A Psychologist

Plus, actions to take that could help.

#grief #Mental fitness
Chloe Carmichael, Ph.D.
September 10 2021

9 Tips For Dealing With Heartache, According To Relationship Experts

Going through heartache of any kind is no easy feat.

#breakup #divorce #grief
Sarah Regan
August 31 2021

I've Had Over 50 Medium Readings: These Are The Signs Of A Legit One

A skeptic shares the highlights (and lowlights) of the many readings she's received.

#empowerment #grief
Elizabeth Entin
August 29 2021

Yes, There's A Difference Between Sympathy & Empathy: Why The Difference Matters

Sympathy is internally directed, while empathy is outwardly directed.

#friendship #grief #dating
Nafeesah Allen, Ph.D.
August 20 2021

It Still Hurts When Your Parents Get Divorced As An Adult: Here's How To Cope

It still hurts.

#divorce #single parent #grief #breakup #toxic relationships

This Therapist-Approved Tool Is So Useful For Understanding Your Emotions

Ever struggle to understand what emotion you're feeling?

#anxiety #grief #stress
Julie Nguyen
May 23 2021

Why Can't I Cry? 8 Reasons Some People Never Let The Tears Flow

Who can relate?

#stress #depression #anxiety #grief
Georgina Berbari
May 4 2021

I'm A Death Doula & Here's What It Means To Grieve Mindfully

Plus, four common misconceptions about grief.

#death #grief
Alyssa Ackerman
April 28 2021

The 7 Stages To Expect When You're Working Through A Breakup

The stages of a breakup aren't unlike the stages of grief.

#breakup #divorce #dating #marriage #grief
Sarah Regan
March 18 2021

3 Rituals For Moving Through Grief & Anger At Your Own Pace

The past year has given us plenty to grieve.

#COVID-19 #grief
Sarah Regan
March 12 2021

I'm An Expert In Near-Death Experiences: 5 Patterns I Saw From 1,000+ Cases

Who knows—maybe you'll learn a little something about the other side.

#energy #longevity #mbgpodcast #grief
Jason Wachob
February 26 2021

Making Peace With A Lost Year: How I'm Processing The Grief Of 2020

For starters, I'm feeling my grief in full.

#yoga #COVID-19 #friendship #grief
Lily Silverton
December 30 2020

How To Start Healing After A Pregnancy Loss, From A Perinatal Specialist

Because you may need help managing your grief.

Joey Miller, MSW, LCSW
December 26 2020

We're All Experiencing Grief: Here's How To Manage During The Holidays

For many of us, 2020 has been a year of loss.

#holiday #grief
Jessica Timmons
December 23 2020

Everyone Has A Grief Archetype — Here's How To Figure Out Yours

How to take the first step in navigating loss.

#grief #COVID-19
Jessica Timmons
October 25 2020

What To Do If You're Feeling Overwhelmed By Loss Right Now, From A Grief Expert

While grief never truly goes away, it does oftentimes appear in ebbs and flows.

#grief #brain #pain
Jamie Schneider
September 11 2020