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The Best Temperature To Keep Your Home To Prevent Mold This Summer

As temperatures increase, so do the chances for mold growth.

Sarah Regan
June 22 2021

It's Time To Bust Out Your Fan — Just Make Sure You Clean It First

As things heat up, it's time to get your fan out for the season.

Sarah Regan
June 10 2021

The Results Are In & This Is The Dirtiest Spot On Most People's Desks

For those working from home, it's important to regularly clean your desk space.

Sarah Regan
May 5 2021

Is Your Nail Polish Thick & Goopy? Try This

A good bottle of lacquer should feel thin and spreadable, with a candy-shell gleam.

Jamie Schneider
April 23 2021

How To Keep Your Wood Cutting Boards Smelling Fresh (& Not Like Garlic)

Pro tip: Grab a lemon and some salt—and maybe some baking soda.

Sarah Regan
April 8 2021

A 9-Step Cleaning Checklist That'll Leave Your Kitchen Sparkling

Give some love to the stuff that doesn't always get it.

Eliza Sullivan
March 20 2021

The Only Ingredient You Need For A Homemade Leather Conditioner

Leather is one of the most durable materials out there but only if you take care of it.

Sarah Regan
March 15 2021

The Subtle Energetic Reason To Switch Up The Stovetop Burner You Use

Feng shui is all about mindfully balancing the energy and elements within your home.

Sarah Regan
January 12 2021

Are There Other Options When A Clothing Label Says "Dry Clean Only"?

It'll save you time and money, and it's better for the planet.

Sarah Regan
December 18 2020