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How To Make An Eyebrow Gel From Cacao Powder + 3 Other Natural Beauty Hacks

Get back in touch with your creativity, help your skin, and have fun with these four DIY natural beauty hacks. You'll be a pro in no time at all.

Priscilla Tsai
December 6 2016

Why Your pH Level Is The Key To Lit-From-Within Skin

A key to creating healthy, glowing skin is to bring your skin's pH back into balance.

Debra Haugen
December 3 2016

7 Things You Need To Know Today (December 1)

All the wellness news you need to know today, including Serena Williams' open letter, how lack of sleep is costing us money, and why online therapy...

Allison Daniels
December 1 2016

The Only Body Butter Your Dry Skin Needs Right Now

Here's a lavish cocoa body butter recipe to keep your bod soothed and smooth all day long!

Stephanie Gerber
November 29 2016

Turn Your Farmers Market Haul Into A Natural Beauty Apothecary With These Tricks

Seasonal ingredients are great for more than just this week's meals! Now that you’ve stocked up on fresh rosemary sprigs, dried lavender blooms, and...

Lindsay Cohn
November 25 2016

Your Map To The Best Healthy Hot Spots In Sydney

Jessica Sepel's favorite healthy and vibrant hot spots in Sydney.

Jessica Sepel
November 25 2016

Everything You Need To Know About The MVP Of Anti-Aging

Here's a laundry list of things vitamin A can do for you. Think of this as the start of your beauty alphabet!

Sarah Villafranco, M.D.
November 22 2016

4 Ways To Take A Plain White T-Shirt To The Next Level

The white T-shirt is an essential building block for great style. Here are four ways to update your look and have fun while you're doing it!

Charlie Anderson
November 19 2016

Want To Detox Your Home? Throw Out These Things Right Now

Hold on to what you love and start nixing these five things today for a happier, healthier home.

Sophia Ruan Gushée
November 17 2016

Tap Into The Manifestation Potential Of The Once-In-A-Lifetime Taurus Supermoon

"If you've got your sights set on a target, this might be the day you go after it full-throttle."

The AstroTwins
November 14 2016

Minimalist Makeover: How Simplifying Your Life Will Bring You Major Happiness

In today's age of tiny homes, Soylent, and capsule wardrobes, you don't have to look far to see minimalism's touch.

Emma Loewe
November 14 2016

How To Overcome Fear & Pursue The Life You've Been Dreaming About

It's true: Nothing should hold you back from pursuing those big dreams of yours.

Casey Verderosa
November 12 2016

Trending: Slogan Sweatshirts That Are Totally Reading Our Minds

Words can help us feel better on a bad day and let people know our frame of mind without us having to open our mouths, which, as we're sure you'll...

Charlie Anderson
November 11 2016

9 Ways To Sneak SPF Into Your Beauty Routine All Year Long

Recent research suggests that a thick layer of broad-spectrum SPF may be just as important for those who are holed up in a Manhattan office as it is...

Lindsay Cohn
November 7 2016

Each Of These Organic, Eco-Friendly Beauty Products Has A Spiritual Twist

There is a product sure to vibe with every type of skin. Outbreaks approved, no animal testing (unless you consider my spirit animal one), natural,...

Emma Mildon
November 5 2016

Yes, Little Changes Make A Difference. Here's How To Go Green The Right Way

Instead of focusing on what you can't do, focus on what you can.

Jessica Böhme
October 28 2016