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Why Gemstone Massages Are The Next Big Thing In Self-Care

There's a crystal and energy essence for beauty-shifting energy elixirs that work double-duty on your skin.

Heather Askinosie
October 18 2016

5 Ayurvedic Secrets For Healthy, Shiny Hair

Our top 5 Ayurvedic tips for lustrous, shiny, and strong hair.

Shrankhla Holecek, MBA
October 13 2016

This Jade Crystal Massage Will De-Puff Your Whole Face

It takes only a few minutes, it improves your skin function, and it helps your products work.

Britta Plug
October 11 2016

5 Surprising Ways To Use Coffee In Your Beauty Routine

Coffee has been hiding all this time on top of being our favorite morning wake-up call. Here, we’ve rounded up five ways to incorporate coffee into...

Lindsay Cohn
October 1 2016

Why Hungarian Thermal Water Is The Secret To Radiant, Glowing Skin

Hungary is home to 118 natural springs. These thermal and medicinal waters bubble up with more than 70 million liters of warm, healing water each day...

Lindsay Cohn
September 27 2016

The Superfood Beauty Recipe Your Thyroid Will Love

Discover underrated superfoods you're more than likely missing out on to balance your thyroid, give you more energy, and make you glow.

Fern Olivia
September 23 2016

The Holistic Rituals This Natural Beauty Guru Swears By

Shiva Rose embodies the ideal of beautiful, healthy living. Find out how she uses Ayurvedic rituals and vibrant self-care to maintain her gorgeous...

September 20 2016

Why You Need To Switch From Body Lotion To Body Oil Right Now

A change in season is the perfect time to make the switch from body lotion to quick-absorbing and highly moisturizing skin oils.

Sarah Villafranco, M.D.
September 5 2016

How My Acne Turned Out To Be A Blessing & Improved My Life

The four areas of my life I looked into to cure my acne.

Anjali Lobo
September 3 2016

The 5 Ingredient Swaps That Will Take Your Beauty Routine To The Next Level

The gold mine of beauty swaps, 5 ingredient overhauls your skin will thank you for.

Tara Foley
September 1 2016

6 Surprising Ways To Get The Beauty Benefits Of Natural Salt

Give these salt-based beauty hacks a chance, and watch how your skin, hair, and even lips are totally transformed.

Lindsay Cohn
August 22 2016

This Parsley Mask Will Change Your Skin. Period.

Your refrigerator stocks one of the best anti-aging, glow-giving herbs that's begging to be put into a mask and smeared all over you face. Seriously

Ildi Pekar
August 5 2016

5 Ways To Achieve A Radiant Look (Spoiler Alert: You're Probably Doing It Wrong)

Say goodbye to cakey foundation and spidery mascara! W3LL PEOPLE co-founder Shirley Pinkson shares her secret application tricks, top green beauty...

August 3 2016

The Best-Kept Beauty Secrets From Around The World

Could the Arctic cloudberry from Finland be the secret weapon your bathroom cabinet has been missing? How about the Aztec superfood Mexican women...

Lindsay Cohn
July 28 2016