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3 Love-Based Ways To Reach Your Highest Potential

One of the most difficult questions I ask my students is: What do you want? You might be surprised how many of us draw a blank in the face of this...

Rebecca Butler
January 15 2014

Are Your Goals Achievable? 5 Questions To Ask Yourself

It’s that time of year again when we put the pressure on ourselves to set New Year’s resolutions. Resolutions and goal setting can be a healthy form...

Mandy King, CNP
January 8 2014

Use The 80/20 Rule To Improve Your Life! Here's How

Ever think that living a healthy lifestyle is out of your grasp because your sweet tooth keeps overpowering your good intentions? Maybe your battle is...

Chris Freytag
December 27 2013

7 Simple Steps To Make 2014 Your Best Year Yet

It’s hard to believe that it’s already goal-planning time again, but it is. I’m soon leading a goal-planning session at my studio, so I thought I’d...

Rebecca Butler
December 27 2013

A Firekeeping Practice: Tending The Heart Fire On The Winter Solstice

At winter solstice, the darkest point of the year, light begins its journey of reemergence. This great cosmological rhythm sets our internal clocks,...

Shiva Rea
December 21 2013

7 Tips To Start 2014 On A Fabulously Positive Note

Decide now to make the new year ahead positive by making little changes in how you think. Get ready to welcome your most awesome year yet.

Chris Freytag
December 19 2013

How To Make Resolutions That Satisfy Your Soul

This time of year inspires many of us to stop and think about who we are now and what kind of person we'd like to become. It's easier to make body...

Brant Secunda
December 19 2013

25 Questions To Ask Yourself Before The End Of The Year

There's something magical about this time of year. The twinkling lights and gingerbread cookies. The merriment and good cheer spreading through the...

Ashley Wilhite
December 4 2013

13 Ways Successful People Improve Themselves

I was surprised when I realized that the same steps that I'd used to get into medical school are the same steps I'm now taking to improve my health....

Amy Shah, M.D.
November 26 2013

5 Ways To Rewire Your Brain For Meaningful Life Changes

Neuroscientists have discovered the strategy for rewiring the brain. Contrary to popular approaches, this strategy involves more than just positive...

Hilary Stokes, PhD, LCSW
November 26 2013

Show Up & Make Big Things Happen

Sometimes making big things happen and crafting more daily joy is simply about showing up.

Danielle Dowling, Psy.D.
November 11 2013

Why Everyone Should Try Keeping A Fitness Log

I’m not a New Year’s resolution kind of person. There’s something a little ridiculous about saying, “I’m going to make a meaningful life change … but...

Holly Smith
November 11 2013

This Is The Only Way To Get What You Really Want

Career-wise, I'm focused. I’ve got my eye on the ball.

Danielle Dowling, Psy.D.
September 24 2013

Stop Abandoning Your Goals! 4 Ways To Turn Dreams Into Reality

As a chronic dreamer, I frequently find myself asking how I go from "dreaming" to actually "doing." Once I've set a goal, I wonder how I'll follow...

Adam Hill
September 16 2013

How To Get Truly Strong (Without Setting Foot In A Gym)

We all know about transactional relationships, whether we've called them by that name or not. They're relationships in which the object, or the joy,...

Michael Taylor
September 10 2013

8 Ways To Dig Yourself Out Of A Rut & Get Moving!

Even the most motivated among us can get stuck in a productivity rut. You sit at your computer pretending to do work, but really you're scoping out...

Katrina Loop
September 4 2013

Blast Your Way To Success With These 5 Easy Tips

If your goal is to change your eating habits, lose weight, reverse a disease process, or turn a small business into a success, making excuses is a...

July 17 2013