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The Only Measurement Of Success That Actually Matters

The only measurement of success that actually matters is your joy in doing it.

Shannon Kaiser
April 29 2016

Why Health Resolutions Fail + How To Get Back On Track

Reboot your resolutions with these four simple steps.

Jennifer Grace
April 3 2016

What No One Tells You About Starting Your Own Wellness Business

Enjoy the journey of creating something special as you build your business from the ground up, but always remember to be gentle with yourself along...

Deborah Flanagan
March 24 2016

9 Ways This Libra Lunar Eclipse Can Help You Manifest Change

Eclipses are known for prompting sudden change, turning potential energy into kinetic (active) energy, and revealing our "shadow" selves. Revisit your...

The AstroTwins
March 23 2016

7 Science-Backed Ways To Get Happy Right Now

So, what’s the first thing you must do before you can be happy? Be happy. Be happy first.

Neil Pasricha
March 10 2016

The 3 Spiritual Steps To Achieving Your Dreams & Goals

You can’t just snap your fingers and manifest success. It's a three-part process.

Jason Wachob
March 5 2016

The Mindset-Shifting Hack That Gets You What You Really Want

I’ve tried everything from writing affirmations 100 times a night and creating vision boards to posting notes all over my house. Some of the practices...

Lamisha Serf-Walls
February 29 2016

A 3-Step Technique To Bust Through Other People's Negativity

Step 1: Acknowledge and accept. People have different perspectives and not everyone is going to agree with you. That's perfectly fine.

Maria Stenvinkel
February 19 2016

3 Simple Steps To Manifest The Life You Want

I was a finance student in Manhattan when I decided to quit my promising Wall Street career to pursue my passion for spirituality.

Chandresh Bhardwaj
February 15 2016

5 Stages Of Realizing Your Dreams

Every level of your life will demand a new, different you.

Shannon Kaiser
February 11 2016

4 Science-Backed Tips For Achieving Your Dreams

Whether it's New Year's resolutions or any other milestone we want to achieve, most of us give up on that career goal, diet, mindfulness practice, or...

Emma Seppälä, PhD
February 9 2016

10 Habits Of People Who Achieve Their Dreams

1. They have a vision: They know what they want, why they want it, and what it’s going to feel like when they get it.

Emma Bathie
February 8 2016

The 17 Choices That Will Change Your Life

Many people approach life with the perspective that life is just hard and dreams are for fools. Embrace these 17 principles and change your life.

Troy Stoneking
February 1 2016

20 Wellness Books Worth Reading In 2016

Whether you're well and truly entrenched in the wellness world or just a casual observer dipping a toe in the water, the sheer amount of information...

Allison Daniels
January 15 2016

6 Questions To Help You Realize Your Goals This Year

The beginning of the year brings challenges because of all the expectations we put on ourselves. With each year that rolls in, most people focus on...

Yogi Cameron
January 13 2016

How I Lost 65 Pounds (And Actually Had Fun Along The Way)

In December of 2008, I came across a Christmas photo of myself and decided that I had finally had enough. My normally slender face was round and...

Aly Tyghter
January 10 2016

A 3-Minute Exercise That Helped Me Discover My Intentions

Living in New York City, where the pressure to do more seems endless, it's easy to get wrapped up in routines and activities that get you through the...

January 6 2016