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5 Frequently Overlooked & Untreated Causes Of Migraines

Most physician treat migraine as a disease, when in fact, it may be a symptom.

Gary Kaplan, D.O.
July 24 2014

10 Tools To Start Reversing Your Autoimmune Disease

Living with an autoimmune disease can be a lonely experience. Many people wait years to find out why they're sick, and once they're finally diagnosed,...

6 Foods That Behave Like Addictive Drugs In Your Body

So many of my patients struggle with cravings, weight issues, and late night snack binges. Knowing that certain chemicals in foods, called exorphins,...

Joel Kahn, M.D.
July 8 2014

3 Surprising Reasons To Give Up Gluten

Maybe you’ve toyed with the idea of giving up gluten, or at least limiting it somewhat, but you haven’t made the leap just yet. After all, you haven’t...

Amy Myers, M.D.
July 3 2014

Is Gluten REALLY The Issue?

I've been on a mission to have excellent health for the last 52 years, and I've learned to be very tuned in to my body. Long ago, I discovered that...

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
June 24 2014

How To Date Someone With A Drastically Different Diet

In a perfect world, we'd all find our dietary counterpart. Our gluten-free girlfriend, our plant-based partner, our lactose intolerant lover, our...

Talia Pollock
May 28 2014

6 Signs Your Digestive Issues Might Actually Be SIBO

Studies show that over 50% of patients diagnosed with IBS actually have an underlying imbalance called small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)....

Michael Pollan Weighs In On The Gluten-Free Craze

Michael Pollan thinks there’s more to the gluten-free craze than gluten intolerance alone.

May 15 2014

Why Fake Meats Are Hurting Your Health

Have you ever tried seitan? It looks like meat, feels like meat and, apparently with enough flavor enhancers, tastes like meat, too. But it’s not...

Meghan Telpner
May 8 2014

6 Ways To Lose Weight When You've Tried Everything

Is your gut bacteria to blame for your excess fat? Likely it is. We've known since the 1950s that giving livestock low doses of antibiotics fattens...

Is Ibuprofen Causing Leaky Gut & Making You Sick?

Sarah is a five-year-old girl who was brought to me as a patient at The Ultra Wellness Center by her mom. She came in for the treatment of severe pain...

Aviva Romm, M.D.
May 3 2014

7 Tips To Get Energized When You're Totally Spent

A healthier, more energized and better feeling you is only seven easy steps away! Here are some tips that yield immediate results as soon as you start...

Tiffany Boutwell
May 1 2014

Everything You Need To Know To Begin An Elimination Diet

Do you struggle with unexplained symptoms such as bloating, brain fog, weight gain, headaches, or fatigue? Here’s a super simple way to determine if...

How Conventional Medicine Got Autoimmune Diseases All Wrong

I believe conventional medicine has it all wrong when it comes to treating autoimmune conditions. Autoimmune conditions affect over 50 million...

Amy Myers, M.D.
April 27 2014

How Ditching Dairy Cured My Asthma

My body was so bogged down by what was happening in my gut, it couldn’t properly assess what was happening in my lungs, and was inflaming as a...

Sid Garza-Hillman
April 17 2014

5 Ways Diet, Yoga & Meditation Eased My Anxiety

Today I live a life that I love. But most of my childhood was marked by severe panic attacks, depression, OCD, and PTSD. I’ve had more panic attacks...

Tessa Zimmerman
April 11 2014

8 Tips For An Easy & Affordable Spring Detox

It’s official. Spring has sprung and we're all finally coming out of hiding. During the colder months, we tend to just curl up on the couch to avoid...

Amy Jarosky
April 7 2014