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7 Brain Benefits Of Cutting Wheat Out Of Your Diet

Should you consider giving up grains? Dr. William Davis thinks so. The following is an excerpt from his new book, Wheat Belly Total Health. Please...

William Davis, M.D.
May 16 2015

13 Gluten-Free Baked Treats

Many people avoid gluten because the protein found in gluten can be difficult to digest. I avoid gluten 90% of the time (because I generally feel much...

Emily Holmes
May 12 2015

This Is What Gluten Can Do To Your Thyroid (It Isn't Pretty)

Hormones are the messengers and regulators of the body, determining the function of every cell. For any hormone to be used in the body it has to be...

Researchers Find Potential Link Between Gluten & ALS

Researchers from Israel think it might be possible that gluten sensitivity could cause a syndrome that looks like ALS. But it's important, first and...

Emi Boscamp
April 14 2015

3 Common Myths About Gluten (Infographic)

You've no doubt heard plenty about gluten and going gluten-free. But do you know what gluten really is, and why some people are cutting it from their...

April 13 2015

5 Reasons Grains Aren't As Bad As Everyone Says

Health messages about nutrition can be conflicting and confusing, and because your daily food choices are so important, separating the passing trends...

Joel Kahn, M.D.
April 10 2015

Hilarious "Gluten-Free Museum" Tumblr Removes Grains From Works Of Art

Congratulations: You've made it to the end of the week. For this week's Feel-Good Friday, we present the Gluten Free Museum.

Emi Boscamp
April 3 2015

High-Protein, High-Fiber, Gluten-Free Bread

As a diagnosed celiac who's been eaten gluten-free for over five years now, I am well aware of the many cardboard tasting breads out there. Not only...

Mandy King, CNP
March 31 2015

Even More Proof That Gluten Sensitivity Exists

Having special dietary needs is widely accepted these days. But if you frequently tell people you're sensitive to gluten, you're still likely to...

3 Health Rules Everyone Can Live By

It's difficult to sort through the massive quantity of health advice out there, much of which winds up being contradictory. If you're just trying to...

February 20 2015

11 Ways To Create Flavor Without Gluten, Dairy, Sugar Or Soy

Toxins, stress, infections, poor diet and eating processed foods can lead to something called a "leaky gut," a condition in which cells in the gut...

Amie Valpone
January 29 2015

8 Myths & Facts About Autoimmune Disease

"If you can't trust me, we can't work together," a doctor told a young woman who later became my patient. This woman lived in a tiny town in rural...

Amy Myers, M.D.
January 15 2015

Pizza Hut Adds Gluten-Free Pizza To Its Menu

To all the gluten-free, pizza-loving people: You can now take shelter under a pretty famous red roof.

Emi Boscamp
January 13 2015

You're Never Too Young To Start Thinking About Brain Health. Here's Why

Alzheimer's disease, a disease for which there is no cure or particularly meaningful treatment, can begin in the brain decades — not weeks or even...

Max Lugavere
January 13 2015

9 Steps To An All-Natural Immune System Makeover

There's a good chance you either don't know or don't care what an immunologist does. That's totally understandable, because "medical immunology" is...

Amy Shah, M.D.
December 17 2014

Why Your Gluten-Free Diet Might Be Sabotaging Your Health

Going gluten-free can transform lives — I've seen it in my practice. After years of suffering from fatigue, digestive complaints and immune troubles,...

Desiree Nielsen, R.D.
December 15 2014

An Intuitive Approach To Going Gluten-Free

As a self-nourishment counselor, I spend my days helping clients figure out how to eat healthier. One of the questions that often comes up is about...

Jeanette Bronée
November 24 2014

There's No "One-Size-Fits-All Diet," So What's A Body To Do?

For almost three years, I reviewed literature on nutrition. Is whole grain the staff of life or can it damage the brain or the gut? Is wheat a...

Joan Borysenko
November 23 2014

How I Learned To Thrive With Celiac Disease

Holistic and natural living has become my way of life. At age 20, I was diagnosed with celiac disease, a discovery that not only became a tremendous...

Anna Hanks
November 14 2014