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Gluten-Free English Muffins We're Obsessed With & 4 Reasons They Deserve The Top Spot in Your Pantry

We put English muffins firmly into the "foods that make you feel good" category (biting into one feels like a hug).

Meg Phillips
October 16 2020
PAID CONTENT FOR Canyon Bakehouse

New To Gluten-Free? 5 Ways To Make The Transition Seamless For The Whole Household

Gluten-free doesn't have to equal limitation; it can mean an expanded palate and an opportunity for greater variety for the whole family.

Meg Phillips
October 9 2020

An RD-Approved Pumpkin Bread Recipe That's Secretly Nutritious

It's fall; celebrate properly with this healthy pumpkin bread.

Abby Moore
October 3 2020

Make This Fall-Flavored Protein-Packed Porridge To Break Your Fast

It'll put a smile on your face on even the chilliest autumn mornings.

Eliza Sullivan
September 13 2020

You May Need A Refresher On What "Whole Grain" Means, New Study Finds

A new study found that most people overestimate the whole grain content of products.

Eliza Sullivan
August 10 2020

Late-Night Sweet Tooth? Make These Knockout Nighttime Cookies

Help your body wind down in the evenings, with a cookie.

Haile Thomas
August 1 2020