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10 Raw Food Staples To Keep You Healthy On A Budget

A lot of people say that a raw vegan diet is too expensive or too complicated. Well, it might look like that to a beginner, but once you get a little...

Osha Key
June 17 2013

The Ultimate Creamy Chocolate Smoothie

This great tasting smoothie was developed to sustain my energy throughout the morning. With nutritionally dense chia seeds and maca root, it will fuel...

Sara Ladd
June 10 2013

How To Make Yummy, Sugar-Free Juices

There’s something about drinking a green juice that makes my body vibrate on a higher level and the whole world seems to glow a little bit brighter...

Claire Ragozzino
June 7 2013

8 Natural Remedies Every Traveler Should Carry

Despite our best efforts to stay healthy while traveling, sometimes we get sick, injured, have an unfortunate lapse of food poisoning, or just feel...

Allison Hodge
May 13 2013

Raw Recipe: 5-Minute Savory Mushroom Soup

I don't know about you, but I have fond memories of Campbell's creamy mushroom soup. The decadence, the savory taste, the ease of preparation — all...

Rhea Mehta, Ph.D.
May 2 2013

The Easiest, Most Effective Spring Cleanse Ever

Spring is here, and all over the place we're clearing out our winter clothes, dressing a little lighter for warmer weather, amping up our exercise...

Aviva Romm, M.D.
April 29 2013

Essential Oils For Cancer Support

Cancer. Just writing the word gives me goosebumps as I think of people I know who have been affected by this disease. Statistics show that one in...

Ashley Turner
April 18 2013

5 Herbs & Spices That Belong In Every Home

We all think of fruits and vegetables as being great for promoting wellness, but most of us don’t immediately consider herbs and spices when we...

Talia Fuhrman
April 13 2013

Beat The Blues With 3 Easy Additions To Your Life

So many people resort to medicine to help improve their mood that its easy to forget we can affect our moods and behaviors simply by adjusting what we...

Mandy Butera
March 31 2013

8 Tips For Recovering From Unwanted Gluten Exposure

After moving from San Francisco, one of the most conscious cities tailored for healthy eating, to Hong Kong, a respected multi-cultural cuisine-laden...

Allison Hodge
March 29 2013

5 All-Natural Treatments For Kitchen Burns

I cook A LOT. And I know a lot more of you are cooking at home these days, too, because it's healthier and less expensive, to eat at home. It's also...

Aviva Romm, M.D.
March 13 2013

Green Citrus Smoothie Recipe

One of my best college girlfriends, Caroline Shea, recently visited me and whipped up this amazing smoothie. It’s technically a smoothie since it’s...

Kathryn Budig
March 7 2013

3 Easy Ways To Add Kombucha To Your Diet

Hello, kombucha! I admit I did not love it the first time I gave it a shot a few years back. Since those days, kombucha has come a long way. There are...

Mandy Butera
March 7 2013

Have The Flu? 5 Things You Should Do Right Now!

Last week I wrote an article about flu prevention. But sometimes the inevitable happens. We’re worn down and tired and when a flu epidemic is doing...

Katrine van Wyk
January 21 2013

5 Natural Tips To Help You Recover From The Flu

We've been hard hit with the flu and many of us are starting to recover. I got sick immediately after the holidays but recovered fairly quickly, due...

Mandy Butera
January 21 2013

Never Waste Food Again! 10 Tips To Use Your Leftovers

As a child, my parents often reminded me that there were starving children in the world, so I was told to either finish my food or don't take so much.

Abby Phon
January 16 2013

5 All-Natural Alternatives To Flu Shots

As the flu is touring the nation, swooping up victims left and right, the national media is campaigning for everyone to get the flu shot ASAP. But in...

Katrine van Wyk
January 14 2013

5 Spices To Add Flavor (Without Adding Fat)

Food is meant to energize the body, not weigh it down with inflammation or disease. Cooking with herbs and spices adds mouth-watering flavor to your...

Jodi Geigle
January 12 2013

5 Tips To Relieve Digestive Distress

Have you ever experienced that uncomfortable feeling of bloating, heaviness, and other unfortunate side effects after eating too much or eating the...

Jen Broyles
December 31 2012

A Mini-Cleanse For The Next 6 Days

You know what to eat. We all know what to eat. But sometimes, we get a little distracted, a little bored, a little emotional, a little rebellious......

Dana James
December 19 2012