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20 Life Changing Books on My Shelf

I’ve been a fervent reader since high school and have collected the opinions and perspectives of a variety of authors and experts over the years. I...

Gigi Yogini
May 3 2012

Intention + Love + Forgiveness = Power

"When you choose the energy of your soul -- creating with the intentions of love, forgiveness, humbleness and clarity -- you gain power. When you...

December 12 2011

Gary Zukav on Spiritual Partnership

"The underlying premise of a spiritual partnership is a sacred commitment between the partners to assist each other's spiritual growth. Spiritual...

June 21 2011

Gary Zukav: Doing What You Were Meant to Be Doing

"When the deepest part of you becomes engaged in what you are doing, when your activities and actions become gratifying and purposeful, when what you...

Jason Wachob
July 15 2010