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10 Reasons Why Swimming Is The Best (And The Worst) Sport

Swimming is the best sport ever. It could also be the worst sport ever. Swimming allows you to eat 8,000 calories a day. It also makes you smell as...

Mike Gustafson
August 26 2013

10 Signs You're A (Super) Foodie

How do you know if you’ve crossed the line from "foodie" to "superfoodie"? Have you earned the title of Foursquare Mayor at Café Gratitude or Pure...

Colleen Wachob
August 23 2013

11 Tips For Anyone Who Is New To Wellness (Funny)

When I started working at MBG, I thought I was a conscious eater and active person who consumed plenty of greens, worked out regularly, and preferred...

Anthony Schneck
August 14 2013

15 Signs You're A Recovering Swimmer

Recently we went down a rabbit hole reading Mike Gustafson's Twitter feed, a brilliant homage to competitive swimming. It stirred up some nostalgia...

August 8 2013

10 Signs You're Addicted To MindBodyGreen (Hilarious)

Back in 2008, when wellness was just starting to be cool, I used to blog every week for HuffPo. I made my mark with straightforward, simple pieces...

Tara Stiles
June 14 2013

20 Signs You're A Wellness Junkie (Hilarious)

When do you go from being someone who is "kinda-into-health" to becoming a full-on wellness warrior? Is it after you take a hard line on soy? Cure a...

Kerry Shaw
June 5 2013

What's Going On In Wellness Right Now

Inspired by New York Magazine's Approval Matrix, we're excited to bring you our new monthly installment: Wellness Watch. It's a playful guide to...

May 8 2013

Comedian Tig Notaro On Her Double Mastectomy & Being Present

The lesson: Appreciate life (and cat videos) and don't take anything for granted.

April 19 2013

Jimmy Kimmel On Yoga Pants Recall (Hilarious)

Seems like everyone had an opinion about Lululemon's decision to recall too-sheer pants from their stores. But no one made us laugh like Jimmy Kimmel.

March 21 2013

Justin Timberlake's Bring It On Down To Veganville

Did you see Justin Timberlake on SNL this weekend? He's always a hilarious host, but this song-and-dance number on vegging out took the (dairy free)...

March 11 2013

Bill Maher's Rant About The Sad State Of Our Food Supply

This Bill Maher rant on our food supply says everything you've been thinking.

March 4 2013

Vegan Gangsta

A vegan rap song that's sure to make your day.

March 2 2013

The Best Pep Talk You'll Get All Day

Are you smiling right now? If not, this inspirational video from SoulPancake should fix that.

January 28 2013

Why Everyone Should Do Yoga

Tara Stiles tells us about her journey to yoga, her philosophy on teaching, and how she stays fit.

January 27 2013

5 Qualities of A Great Yoga Teacher

This is how Tara Stiles sees it.

Tara Stiles
January 24 2013

Portlandia Goes Vegan (Uh-Oh!)

Right this way to the Fart Patio.

January 20 2013

What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?

Seriously: What are you doing New Year's Eve? We'd love to know!

January 1 2013

'Tis The Season For (Other People's) Self-Improvement

Every year, right about this time, I start thinking about self-improvement and what kind of New Year's resolution I can make. But this year something...

James Clunie
December 31 2012

Yes, You Can Learn to Love Your Yoga Sub (Hilarious)

You’re having one of those days where everything's going wrong and everyone's annoying you. All you can think about is the workout and relaxation...

Adam Hocke
November 30 2012