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3 Foods You Should Be Eating (But Probably Haven't Thought Of)

Desiree Nielsen, R.D., says we should have fun with our meals.

Jason Wachob
October 29 2019

How To Make Pumpkin-Spiced Sushi (Yes, Really)

We're officially in the throes of fall-inspired mania.

Jamie Schneider
October 27 2019

Why You Should Eat For Your Heart No Matter How Young You Are

Heart disease isn't something that suddenly becomes relevant as soon as we reach a certain age.

Rupy Aujla, M.D.
October 27 2019

How To Make Perfectly Crisp Sesame-Ginger Broccoli

Without that burned broccoli smell overpowering your kitchen.

Urvashi Pitre, Ph.D.
October 25 2019

Yes, You Can Make Nightshade-Free Marinara Sauce — Here's How

If you've been missing your Italian dishes, you'll love this thick, faux-tomato sauce.

Jamie Schneider
October 22 2019

The 10 Biggest Health Food Trends of 2020, From Whole Foods Market

If you thought the food and beverage industry couldn't get more innovative, think again.

Jamie Schneider
October 21 2019

These Sweet Potato Breakfast Patties Are Packed With Protein

You'll be sure to have a balanced (and delicious!) morning meal.

Susan Peirce Thompson, PhD
October 20 2019

This Tiramisu Trifle Is A Vegan Take On A Traditional Italian Dessert

It looks luxurious and decadent, as most Italian desserts do.

Jamie Schneider
October 14 2019

This Anti-Inflammatory Pumpkin Porridge Is Anything But Typical

The health benefits of this breakfast are anything but ordinary.

Jamie Schneider
October 13 2019