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Why "Baggage" Doesn't Make Someone Undateable

"I want to find someone without any baggage," a newly single friend said to me recently. "It seems like every person I've dated has something. Why do...

Megan Bruneau, M.A.
May 23 2015

7 Tips For Better Communication In All Of Your Relationships

A major cause of stress for most people is the realm of interpersonal relationships. Whether with your partner, at home with family members, with...

Michael T. Murray, N.D.
December 14 2014

How To Clear Toxic People & Relationships From Your Life

It's not always easy to end relationships that aren't working, but here are three things to consider when determining whether or not it's time to say...

Pegah Kadkhodaian
September 19 2014

How To Set Boundaries Without Being Mean

You know that feeling when you say "yes" to something, then immediately regret it? Whether it’s volunteering for a committee or agreeing to pick up...

Vanessa Loder, MBA
May 31 2014

​How To Avoid Competing With Your Friends

“You made how much money from your last freelance project?” I asked my friend after she told me what she got paid for a freelance writing assignment.

Jennifer Blanchard
September 22 2013

A Quick Checklist For Getting Along With Other People

Human beings are tribal in nature. Being raised in community is part of our social evolution. With the exception of the occasional Tarzan, we're...

Silvia Mordini
April 9 2013