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Sunday Is International Friendship Day! 6 Ways To Celebrate Your Pals

A best friend is the person you can fall apart in front of, someone whose thoughts you can read with a glance, someone you can see after months or...

Allison Daniels
August 1 2015

How To Deal When People Don't Support Your Growth

Change is hard, even when we can see clearly why we need to do it. So, how much more uncomfortable must it be to the people around us who don't always...

Laura Snyder
July 20 2015

5 Easy Steps For Having A Hard Conversation

All of us are faced with conversations that we would rather not have. The recent misunderstanding with our boss, being let down by a friend, the pesky...

Diane Musho Hamilton
July 7 2015

Why "Selfish" People Are Happier & Healthier

Selfish people treat others badly, don’t have any real friends, and are incapable of love. Right? Wrong.

Maria Stenvinkel
July 2 2015

A 3-Step Plan To Find Your Tribe

People desire feeling connected. It’s one of the most innate aspects of our being.

Shelly Bullard, MFT
July 1 2015

7 Reasons You’re Exhausted All The Time

Last week I was exhausted. My routine was off, and while I had fun (date nights, wellness events, and a random afternoon excursion), I was exhausted....

Amita Patel, LMSW
June 29 2015

Why It's Totally OK To Feel Sad & Lonely

Most of last year I was sad. There were lots of moments I felt myself trying to talk through the feeling with friends with the hope that I could...

Kavita Patel
June 26 2015

Why "Skinny" Is Not A Compliment

For anyone who has struggled with weight issues, being called "skinny" can be just as uncomfortable as being called chubby. I have been naturally thin...

Taynua Page
June 26 2015

The Sneaky Habit That's Wrecking Your Relationships + How To Break It

When it comes to how other people treat us, there are a couple of things we know for sure. We know being mean or rude is likely to result in being...

Julia Kristina
June 20 2015

The People-Pleaser's Guide To Saying No

Tired of spending your precious Saturday afternoons at yet another toddler's birthday party? Can't understand how you got stuck organizing the company...

Jude Temple, R.N.
June 14 2015

A 5-Step Plan To Calm Down When You’re Upset

Whenever I get upset, I wonder if it's just me, since it often seems like everyone else is so cool and collected. But other people must freak out...

Kaia Roman
June 11 2015

12 Times You Really SHOULDN'T Tell The Truth

In a world where sharing every detail of our personal lives on social media has become as natural as breathing, I think it needs to be said that...

Emily Liebert
June 9 2015

6 Scientifically Proven Reasons To Laugh More

Comedian Kevin Hart once said, “Laughter heals all wounds, and that's one thing that everybody shares. No matter what you're going through, it makes...

How To Kick Your People-Pleasing Habit For Good

Do you ever find yourself complying to those around you just because it's easier than standing up for what you want or need? It could be as simple as...

Kaitlin Robinson
June 5 2015

3 Things Introverted Parents Can Teach Their Kids About Life

Most people thrive in a wide circle of friends. According to Psychology Today, about 60% of the population is comprised of extroverts —meaning they...

Wendy Bruno
June 4 2015

How To Accept People. Even Those You Hate

You know those people who just get under your skin?

Christine Obee
June 3 2015

Why Spending Time With Friends Boosts Your Oxytocin

When you're depressed, it can feel easier to retreat inward into the world of your depression, rather than reach out to others and seek healthy...

Debbie Hampton
June 2 2015

What Most People Get Wrong About Forgiveness

In this video from revitalize, Luskin explains the biggest misconception about forgiveness, and offers insight on how to let go.

May 30 2015

Why We Should All Give Each Other More Compliments

I have a friend who naturally compliments every person she talks to. Literally every person. Every time she sees me, whether I’m sweaty from a yoga...

Kaia Roman
May 27 2015