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What I've Learned From 20 Years Of Hurt & Anger At My Family

In the summer of 1969 a woman was sexually assaulted.

Alex Hamby
June 20 2013

15 Reasons To Forgive Every Day

Every three months I take a 30-day yoga challenge. The challenge entails taking hot yoga classes everyday for 30 days. During the challenge, I also...

Hali Tsotetsi
June 14 2013

19 Natural Mood Boosters

Unfortunately we're living in an epidemic of depression and various mood disorders. Too many of us are wake up tired, moody and feeling low about...

Jessica Sepel
May 20 2013

What To Do When A Friend Tells You You're Broken

It’s interesting that coaching sessions on friendships have been showing up for me lately, along with blogs and conversations on the topic. You see,...

Sonia Lopez Simpson
May 10 2013

Who Are You Trying To Impress?

Only 4% of women around the world would describe themselves as beautiful, 72% of young women feel “tremendous pressure to be beautiful,” and over 54%...

Shannon Kaiser
April 28 2013

How To Let Go Of Booze, Food, Or Men

I'll always remember the exercise on forgiveness I learned at a Tony Robbins event, since this taught me the most basic rules of self-healing;...

Caroline Rushforth
April 27 2013

5 Easy Steps To Set Up Healthy Boundaries

Setting healthy boundaries is pretty important if you want to have a happy and fulfilling life.

Pauline Hanuise
April 22 2013

Dating Disasters: Types Of People To Avoid If You Want To Find Lasting Love

We’ve all been through it. The perfect mix of mystery and anticipation as we prepare for a brand new beginning. We place all of our future hopes and...

Shannon Kaiser
April 3 2013

How To Deal With Fiery, Passionate Relationships

No one on the planet lights my soul on fire the way my man does. It's a fiery relationship — for better and for worse.

Shelly Bullard, MFT
March 25 2013

How A Relationship With A Married Man Taught Me To Uplift Myself

I debated including this story for a number of reasons, mainly: (1) I’m not proud of this chapter of my life, and (2) It could potentially derail the...

Rebecca Butler
March 14 2013

How I Freed Myself Spiritually With 3 Life Changes

When I decided to start making a conscious effort to develop my religious and spiritual life, I was at a point when life's biggest questions (Who am...

Nawala Damiba
March 13 2013

5 Steps To Unlock Your Higher Self

We're all too familiar with the voice that echoes inside our heads. You know the one: the nasty roommate who constantly picks at your faults, real or...

Jeff Cannon
March 10 2013

9 Self-Defense Tips To Protect Against Complainers

Being around complainers is bad for your brain. Scientists have long known that the adult brain is surprisingly plastic — we can strengthen synaptic...

Trevor Blake
March 9 2013

5 Risks That Are Always Worth Taking

Life is short and brilliant. Don't let fear of the unknown hold you back, tap into your courage and walk into the unknown with an open heart.

Jo Beth Richards
March 9 2013

What If You Decided That There Was Nothing To Be Ashamed Of?

Every Tuesday, I take the morning off of teaching yoga to write. I teach in the evening, but in the morning, while my son is at school and my husband...

Rebecca Butler
March 5 2013

Are You Too Reactive? Read This

One of the greatest challenges we face is staying open to love around people who feel unloving to us. How do we act with kindness when people are...

Shelly Bullard, MFT
February 28 2013

Can Yoga Help You Forgive Yourself?

“I shouldn’t have worn that seat belt!”

Janna Leyde
February 25 2013

10 Practical Ways To Raise Your Positive Vibrations

Every thought or feeling has a vibration that can be measured. Here are 10 ways to raise your positive vibes.

Taraleigh Weathers
February 23 2013