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10 Awesome Life Changes That Have Nothing To Do With Losing Weight

Around this time of year, many of us are preparing ourselves mentally for all the things we want to “give up” in order to get the body we want:...

Andy Jacobs
January 8 2014

14 Small Changes That Add Up To Big Results

Now that the holidays are over, it's time to get focused on the new year. Rather than creating a long list of resolutions (which can seem intimidating...

Tiffany Lester, M.D.
January 7 2014

Forget Resolutions! 5 Things To Dump In 2014

Traveling light is freeing for anyone on a journey. After all, that’s what life is—one continuous journey. Far too often, we carry extra baggage with...

F. Emelia Sam, DDS
January 2 2014

25 Ways You're Too Hard On Yourself

We commonly think about forgiveness as something we give to others. This is true even when we know we are forgiving others for our own sanity....

F. Emelia Sam, DDS
December 11 2013

Why You'll Find Freedom In Forgiveness

Years ago I was teaching a weekend workshop, and during the course of the first evening, I touched upon the subject of forgiveness. At the break, a...

Ally Hamilton
November 26 2013

How To Live The Life You Were Born To Live

The world is constantly changing. There can be no doubt. So why do so many of us try to hold on to what was or will never be? We live our lives...

Jeff Cannon
November 18 2013

What I Gave Up When I Became A Parent (Plus 7 Things I Gained)

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a mom. So after years dreaming about it, and over a decade professionally caring for children, I had a...

Emily Koch
November 15 2013

12 Reasons To Smile Every Day

As Mother Teresa said, "Peace begins with a smile." I came up with daily reminders that helped me maintain my smile and peace, even during difficult...

Hali Tsotetsi
November 7 2013

10 Ways To Forgive Yourself & Let Go Of The Past

Forgiveness is a process, but these tips are here to help you work toward it.

Megan Hale, LPC
October 29 2013

What To Do After You Leave A Bad Relationship

Before we jump into this article, I want you to give yourself a pat on the back. You've realized that you don’t deserve to feel awful anymore, and...

Eileen Fedyna
October 21 2013

Do You Feel Weighed Down By Guilt? Read This

Having "a weight on one's conscience" is a term many people use when feeling guilty about something, or if we feel we've done something that goes...

Ani Richardson
October 18 2013

How To Forgive (Even When You Feel Like You Can't)

If we're honest, don’t we all have some deep-seated grudge towards someone or something? A heavy heart, lost loved one, or a belief that we've been...

Tina Williamson
September 30 2013

10 Quotes To Help You Accept Endings & Embrace New Beginnings

Do you ever feel like every area of your life is changing so fast and you're just standing in the middle of it all, confused and directionless? Yup,...

Amanda Christian
September 30 2013

15 (More) Reasons To Forgive Every Day

Every three months, I take a yoga challenge. I practice hot yoga for 30 consecutive days, and I also give myself 30 reasons to forgive. Here are 15 of...

Hali Tsotetsi
September 25 2013

Do Better (And How I Royally Messed Up)

Have you recently (or not so recently) had a colossal mess-up, and each time you reflect on it, shame floods every cell in your body?

Danielle Dowling, Psy.D.
September 2 2013

How I Learned To Forgive My Abusive Ex-Boyfriend

I found compassion and then forgiveness for my ex-boyfriend, Bob. He was physically and emotionally abusive. I in no way think his behavior is OK, and...

Taraleigh Weathers
August 29 2013

Can't Forgive Someone? Get A Journal.

Here’s another crucially important way to use your journal for health and happiness. Find profound personal freedom through journaling about...

Mari McCarthy
July 25 2013

How Do You ACTUALLY Forgive Someone?

How do you forgive? How do you let go of the sadness, anger or resentment often attached to forgiveness? When someone hurts a loved one or me, I want...

Sonia Lopez Simpson
July 22 2013

How Breema Made Me A Better Healer

When I began chiropractic school, I had two main goals: I wanted to heal people, to really help them. I wanted to learn and get really good at soft...

Jon Schreiber
July 11 2013

How Facing Racism In South Africa Taught Me Forgiveness

Attending a predominantly white school in a newly post-Apartheid South Africa meant, for me, that a few parents didn't want their children to have...

Hali Tsotetsi
July 9 2013