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7 Ways You're Sabotaging Your Happiness

I was in a nine-year relationship with a man I loved, but we fought way too much. We couldn't seem to agree on anything as a couple: how to eat, where...

Amita Patel, LMSW
July 27 2014

9 Steps To Forgive Those Who've Hurt You

I serve as the Director of the Stanford University Forgiveness Projects and have led the largest research project to study the effects of forgiveness...

Fred Luskin, Ph.D.
July 22 2014

11 Things I Want To Say To My 16-Year-Old Self

Once upon a time, I used to tell people that I wanted to be dead by the age of 40. I'd forgotten I used to say this until an ex-boyfriend reminded me...

Rebecca Butler
July 21 2014

11 Steps To Prepare You For The Greatest Love Of Your Life

The moment my husband first flashed his delightful grin at me, I recognized him as the man I would someday marry. I was, at the time, awakening into...

Naomi Pabst, PhD
July 20 2014

What My 95-Year-Old Grandma Taught Me About Life

Five years ago, I was dancing with my cousins at my brother’s wedding. Right alongside us was my soon to be 91-year-old grandma dancing her heart out.

Shannon Kaiser
July 9 2014

How To Let Go Of The Past & Forgive Those Who Hurt You

How often do you see someone have an angry overreaction to a seemingly minor situation, such as getting served the wrong sandwich, or being stuck at a...

Jordan Phoenix
May 2 2014

25 Ways To Experience A Breakthrough In Your Life

Do you wish your life were different in some way? Do you feel unhappy, stuck or trapped? Do you feel bored and unfulfilled? Do you feel like there's...

Katrina Love Senn
April 17 2014

6 Tips To Help You Deal With Divorce

I remember attending my good friend’s wedding a few weeks after finalizing my divorce. I was 28, and many of my friends were in full-on...

Leanne Grechulk
March 17 2014

11 Ways To Become Your Truest & Greatest Self

Being precisely who you are, at your highest level, is your ticket to magnetizing the things you want most in your life. This is true for your love...

Naomi Pabst, PhD
March 14 2014

5 Areas Of Your Life Where It's Good To Go Slow

I’ve been thinking about time a lot lately. In our world, we’re obsessed with fast everything: entertainment, service, decisions, travel, even dating....

Myk Likhov
March 2 2014

Is Forgiving Yourself Overrated?

Recently I was bombarded by two different people trying to give me unsolicited advice about issues from my past. People who try to force others to...

Angela Kristiansen
March 1 2014

Why Loving Someone Doesn't Mean You Have To Be A Martyr

Recently I wrote an article about questions you can use for reflection to help heal through a heartbreak. Heartbreaks are juicy, aren’t they? Love...

Jamie Perry
February 27 2014

What You Can Learn From Your Failed Relationships

Jane, in her mid-30s, recently ended a year-long relationship. She wanted to take time to regroup. She heard all the mantras: Live in the moment,...

David Kessler
February 4 2014

5 Ways To Deal (Gracefully) With Any Jerks In Your Life

While most of us try to become more kind and thoughtful as we age, sadly, some people just don't (or can't) do this and they wind up being bullies....

Emily Nolan
February 3 2014

10 Simple Ways To Get Happy Today

Our health is inextricably connected to our happiness. And vice versa.

Elizabeth Rider
January 28 2014

5 Things I Wish I Knew Back When I Was Bullied

Everyone has experienced being picked on, in some manner, by someone in her life. I've only recently made peace with people who have done so to me.

Hali Tsotetsi
January 28 2014

4 Questions To Help You Heal From Heartbreak

In 2007, I walked away from my hometown with a diploma in hand, ready to face the world, vowing, swearing, and crossing my heart that I would NEVER,...

Jamie Perry
January 15 2014

My Ex Is Having A Baby & I'm Pissed

My son came home from his father’s house yesterday and told me his dad’s girlfriend is having a baby. This is not bad news. My son is nearly seven and...

Zoë Kors
January 13 2014