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The Weird Way Your Kitchen Is Affecting Your Eating Habits

These days, you can pretty much "Kondo" anything. But what about your diet?

Emi Boscamp
February 16 2016

How To Invite Great Energy Into Your Home

With the exhilarating energy of the New Year comes the perfect time to kick-start your goals and finally realize the life you want. Since your home so...

Sunny Fuller
January 14 2016

9 Ways Your Life Will Improve When You Declutter

If you’ve ever cleaned out a junk drawer or a stuffed closet in your home and felt an incredible surge of satisfaction, you’ve experienced some of the...

Dana Claudat
November 27 2015

9 Easy Ways To Create Good Vibes In Your Home

Everything is energy. That’s a very abstract statement, I know. When you’re really feeling stuck or challenged in life, the idea of “changing your...

Dana Claudat
October 9 2015

This DIY Aromatherapy Will Make Your Home Look & Smell Amazing (Naturally!)

Adding a delicious scent to your space is one of the fastest ways to flip a bad day around, create ambiance, and even make events more memorable.

Dana Claudat
September 18 2015

Why Mercury Retrograde Is The Best Time To Feng Shui Your Life

Mercury retrograde is a tricky astronomical occasion that happens three to four times a year. It occurs when Mercury passes Earth in its orbit, and...

Katie Rogers
September 17 2015

5 Feng Shui Habits To Help You Find More Flow In Your Life

Days when you're “in the zone” are spectacular, right? It’s almost like you’ve become a channel for ideas and solutions as things fall into place in...

Dana Claudat
July 6 2015

6 Feng Shui Tips To Bring Purpose, Intention & Clarity Into Your Home

With schedules loosening and the sun eager to linger in the spotlight, the opportunity to try shui is ripe. But like any good thing, the energy gets...

Amanda Gibby Peters
June 17 2015

5 Signs You Need To Clear Negative Energy From Your Life

I work with feng shui clients around the world who struggle with some form of the same draining problem.

Dana Claudat
May 31 2015

What Each Color Means In Feng Shui

We’ve all experienced the profound difference a new shade of paint can make in a room. Or how a red dress makes us feel as opposed to a light blue...

Katie Rogers
September 13 2013