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Insecurity Can Be Your Friend

The ability to allow yourself to be vulnerable correlates with your ability to be happy and successful.

Dana Claudat
March 7 2012

7 Steps to De-stress After a Tough Day

Immersing your senses in multiple relaxation techniques will help you recover more quickly and get on with enjoying your life. Below are seven steps...

Jayme Barrett
February 24 2012

7 Flowers to Color Your Mood

Flowers are a wonderful way to bring color and positive energy into your life.

Jayme Barrett
December 15 2011

4 Feng Shui Tips for Back-to-Work Blues

Try these inner and outer feng shui tips to get you motivated for a positive week at work!

Jayme Barrett
October 20 2011

5 Easy Tips for Mind-Blowing Bedroom Feng Shui

If you dare to venture into your own bedroom and look at it with fresh eyes, here are 5 easy things to inspect to see where you can up your love...

Dana Claudat
October 29 2010

8 Tips for Creating a Sacred Space to Replenish Your Spirit

When you create a place in your home that encourages quietness, it will call out to your soul “Come, sit and listen.”

Jayme Barrett
September 1 2010

Feng Shui Your Bookshelf

Sometimes it is a very small change or two that can radically shift the flow of a room or a home to make the feng shui "click".

Dana Claudat
August 31 2010

Feng Shui... for Your Pet

How to Feng Shui your pet for an even happier home.

Jayme Barrett
August 13 2010

Q & A with Dana Claudat: Feng Shui & Love (Video)

Want to bring some more love into your life and into your home? Dana Claudat of The Tao of Dana provides some great feng shui tips for our kitchen,...

Jason Wachob
June 24 2010

Q & A With Dana Claudat: Feng Shui & Money

Who wouldn't like more money? Dana Claudat, of The Tao of Dana provides some great feng shui tips that can help bring prosperity our way

Jason Wachob
May 17 2010

Q & A with Dana Claudat: Feng Shui Dating Tips

Have you just started dating someone and want to know if they're Mr. or Mrs. Right? Look no further than feng shui.

Jason Wachob
April 27 2010