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10 Truths That Will Help You Through Any Challenge

I recently took a trip to the Florida Keys, when I often sat on the porch along the beach, mostly alone, next to the ocean. Sometimes I read,...

Jen Nicomedes Stone
February 27 2014

Feng Shui For The Broke & Busy Person

Moving into a new home is an exciting chance to create a space that's comfortable, cozy and above all, speaks to your style. However, many of the...

Hannah Yang
February 24 2014

7 Feng Shui Tips To Make Your Home A Sanctuary

Finding a sanctuary in our modern world isn't always easy. Many of us work at home, or take work home from the office. Lots of you share spaces with...

Dana Claudat
January 23 2014

Feng Shui Tips To Hang Your Mirrors

Mirrors are a huge metaphor for all of life. Our homes are also mirrors of our lives on many levels. Our lives are a reflection of our feelings toward...

Dana Claudat
January 10 2014

7 Feng Shui Tips To Boost Happiness & Vitality This Year!

Now is a perfect time to feng shui your space for health, happiness, and vitality!

Jayme Barrett
January 4 2014

6 Simple Feng Shui Tips To Help You Make A Fresh Start

Craving a fresh start is often filled with restless excitement. After all, making a fresh start is often associated with a dramatic change: moving to...

Dana Claudat
December 30 2013

8 Feng Shui Ways To Let Go Of The Stuff That's Holding You Back

I love the idea of letting go of things, but… how, actually, do you “let go” of things?

Dana Claudat
December 9 2013

5 Ways Your Home Can Reveal Your Emotions

In the same way our body sends us messages, our home does the same. For example, an upset stomach is usually indicative of an emotional upset. A low...

Tisha Morris
December 6 2013

How To Change Your Life In 14 Days

If you're feeling unhappy, unmotivated and overwhelmed, it's time to take action. Perhaps there has been a string of upsetting situations that knocked...

Jayme Barrett
November 14 2013

10 Reasons To Stop What You're Doing & Start Clearing Your Clutter

Collecting and being consumed by clutter on a grand scale is a relatively modern concept. Our ancient ancestors didn’t have a supermarket at nearly...

Dana Claudat
November 13 2013

5 Simple Tips To Brighten Up Your Home

Does your home get enough natural light? The overall health benefits of natural light are astounding; light can boost your mood and your immune...

Kara Bennett
October 29 2013

How To Organize Your Home (And Life!) While Mercury Is In Retrograde

We may not think about it every day, but in the grand scheme of things we are spinning on a big ball hanging out in infinite space. When the planets...

Dana Claudat
October 23 2013

4 Simple Steps To Fall Back In Love With Your Home (And Your Life!)

Moving into a new space is always a momentous occasion that comes with an array of emotions, from excitement to overwhelm. It usually coincides with a...

Tisha Morris
October 8 2013

6 Feng Shui Signs You're Dating The Wrong Person

There's a tremendous amount you can tell about how someone views things like sex, kids, love and even how much they want to be in any type of...

Dana Claudat
October 1 2013

Why Aren't You Getting What You Want? A Quiz To Find Out

Extremely hard work can be extremely unproductive. In fact, popular words used to describe success, like “massive," “supercharged” and “extreme,” can...

Dana Claudat
September 11 2013

6 Feng Shui Tips For Healthy Financial Flow

If it seems strange to you that moving items in your home or office can help you make more money, think again. Everything you see, touch, and live...

Katie Rogers
September 5 2013

The Top 5 Feng Shui No-Nos

So you want to manifest an amazing and beautiful life, but you’re feeling stuck or confused or just plain unsure of why things aren’t quite right?

Katie Rogers
September 1 2013

6 Fast & Easy Feng Shui Tips That Work For Everyone

I was introduced to feng shui through a giant book full of pictures and wildly promising tips. I had no idea that your home could affect your life,...

Dana Claudat
August 30 2013