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6 Feng Shui Tips To Bring Good Energy Into Your Home This Fall

Fall, being the gorgeous season she is, presents us enormous opportunities to reconnect with nature. The air around us becomes cool. Twilight beckons...

Amanda Gibby Peters
September 4 2014

The Ultimate DIY Detox Bath To Make You Glow

Everyone wants to glow. Glow is our personal electricity turned up to high. Amazing skin care and makeup can amplify a glow … but real glowing energy...

Dana Claudat
August 29 2014

How To Activate Your Home To Attract More Love

If you want more love in your life, you have to first start with loving where you are right now. Yes that means who you are as a human, but it also...

Harriet McEntire-Lanka
August 26 2014

10 Feng Shui Tips To Help You Sleep Better

Do you sleep enough? According to the National Institutes of Health, adults need seven to eight hours of sleep on average, yet lots of us feel it’s a...

Dana Claudat
August 14 2014

10 Tips To Make Your Bedroom A Tranquil Sanctuary

Is your bedroom your happy place? If the answer is no, let's work on making that happen. Why? Sleep is absolutely vital for optimal health. Your...

Claudia Petrilli
August 12 2014

10 Feng Shui Tips To Create Beauty & Order In Your Home

Start a discussion about decluttering, and it usually generates hullabaloo. For some, clearing clutter has become religion; others simply prefer their...

Amanda Gibby Peters
August 8 2014

7 Feng Shui Tips To Help You Get More Of What You Want

As grateful as a person can be for all that she has, more seems to be what pretty much everyone wants. More money, more love, more wellness, more...

Dana Claudat
July 15 2014

6 Feng Shui Tips To Invite Great Energy Into Your Home

Imagine hosting a marvelous party in your home. Sparkly lights are strung, and colorful bouquets line the tables. Music is playing, candles are...

Amanda Gibby Peters
July 13 2014

In A Relationship? 7 Feng Shui Bedroom Tips You Need To Know

Committed? Hooray! Perhaps you’re still high from your honeymoon escapades or you've recently pledged your love and decided to move in together....

Jayme Barrett
July 11 2014

5 Feng Shui Tips To Clear Negative Energy In Your Home

Words become full expressions of energy. Every utterance we make carries its own power and intention, curating the backdrop of our lives.

Amanda Gibby Peters
June 21 2014

7 Feng Shui Ways To Use Color In Your Home

Color is something we create as we interact with life and light. A very basic description of what color actually is reveals a bit of the practical...

Dana Claudat
June 8 2014

10 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Feng Shui

As a Classical Feng Shui consultant, I've personally loved witnessing the practice's explosion in popularity in the West over the last 10 years. But...

Jen Nicomedes Stone
May 21 2014

7 Feng Shui Ways To Find Balance In Your Crazy Life

The state of being wildly busy is here to stay. Whether your busy is a challenge or a joy — or both — maintaining your momentum and strength in the...

Dana Claudat
May 15 2014

Eco-Feng Shui: 7 Tips to Bring More Positive Energy Into Your Home

Implementing green principles in your home and life coincides with good feng shui. Since we are all swimming in a sea of energy, your personal health...

Jayme Barrett
April 25 2014

5 Easy Ways To Care For Your Home & The Planet!

With threats of radiation, global warming, polar shifts, and extinctions, it’s easy to become apathetic about the state of our planet. Saving the...

Tisha Morris
April 22 2014

8 Feng Shui Tips To Keep You Grounded & Empowered

Empowerment in the modern world has never been more easy or more difficult, depending on how you view it.

Dana Claudat
April 11 2014

Are You Actually Stressed, Or Are You Just Cluttered? A Feng Shui Guide

Disorganization is a stealthy problem sometimes. It can stay quietly hidden in your life until it becomes a crisis.

Dana Claudat
March 27 2014

The Ancient Secret To A Happy Spring + 8 Ways To Practice It

Many people feel off-kilter when the seasons change, and don’t know why or how to cope. If that sounds like you, I have some great news.

Jen Nicomedes Stone
March 26 2014

7 Feng Shui Tips To Spring Clean Your Home & Your Life

In spring, the earth leaps into action. Spring is the season of blooming and sprouting, and the best way to prepare for its arrival is to clear lots...

Dana Claudat
March 13 2014