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What I Learned From Asking Strangers If I Looked Fat (Video)

On a recent sunny afternoon, a group of friends and I gathered at the park and began asking women how they felt about their bodies, first by asking...

Kimber Simpkins
April 14 2015

Mom's Amazing Photos Show Daughters That "Strong Is The New Pretty"

Photographer Kate Parker doesn't want her daughters, Alice, 6, and Ella, 9, to be what society expects them to be. If they don't want to parade around...

Emi Boscamp
April 13 2015

Teach Your Kids The ABCs With The Raddest Feminist Children's Book Ever

Don't just teach your kids the ABCs — teach them the ABCs while introducing them to feminism — because, well, some things can never be taught too...

Emi Boscamp
April 1 2015

10 Things To Stop Doing If You Want To Love Your Body

If we hate any part of ourselves, then nothing is ever good enough.

Shannon Kaiser
March 11 2015

Why The Positive Body Image Movement Is Bad For Women

I recently realized that I've never once told my two boys to love their bodies at any size, but I've repeatedly said those words to my daughter. I...

Lisa Kaplin
March 10 2015

Why You Should Dress Your Son In Pink & Give Your Daughter A Toy Car

When it comes to the question of gender roles and raising young children, many parents have their opinions. Some have quite visceral (and often...

Emma Dixon, PhD
February 20 2015

10 Benefits Of Vaginal Weightlifting

I'm currently on a global campaign to raise the awareness of vaginal superpowers.

Kim Anami
February 7 2015

We Love Kate Winslet's Inspiring Views On Body Image & Motherhood

We may know Kate Winslet best for her breakthrough role as a passenger aboard an ill-fated ship, but her recent interview with UK's Harper's Bazaar...

Emi Boscamp
February 4 2015

Watch How Much The "Ideal" Female Body Has Evolved Over Time

We're constantly dealt conflicting messages about how our bodies are "supposed" to look. We're told we should accept ourselves as we are, that we're...

Emi Boscamp
January 28 2015

Double Standards Still Hold Women Back At Work, According To Survey

There's no doubt that women are equally as qualified as men to lead companies. But even as they continue to make giant strides in every industry —...

Emi Boscamp
January 16 2015

10 Things I Wish Every Woman Knew About Health

I promised myself this year that I would share some transformational health truths with all the women in my life — including you.

Amy Shah, M.D.
September 26 2014

Meet The Women Of The Amazon Whose Lives Are Ruined By Climate Change

The women of the Amazon feel a great responsibility to lead the fight against climate change.

Amazon Watch
September 23 2014

What No One Tells You About Getting Engaged

When the man of my dreams got down on one knee — ring in hand — and asked me to marry him, I didn’t expect to spend the next two days sobbing. But I...

Christine Eubanks
August 8 2014

How To Make Sex An Enlightened Spiritual Experience

Ancient Taoists held a playful and poetic attitude toward sex. The phrase “clouds and rain” was used to describe the sexual act; the clouds refers to...

Solala Towler
July 2 2014