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A Meditation To Improve Your Sex Life

Because it's time to mix up your meditation practice.

Rebekah Borucki
March 19 2017

7 Things You Need To Know Today (March 6)

All the wellness news you need to know today, including Emma Watson's bold feminist statement, the impact of exercise on cancer, and how to deal with...

Leigh Weingus
March 6 2017

Why So Many Straight Women Love Girl-On-Girl Porn

Does watching girl-on-girl porn as a straight woman mean you're bi-curious? Not necessarily. Our tantric sex expert spills the juicy details.

Psalm Isadora
March 1 2017

How To Harness Your Feminine Energy To Become A Powerful Leader

Power up! Unleashing your feminine side is the key to success.

Robin Lee
February 22 2017

The Unlikely Way Nature Can Help You Find Your Tribe & Yourself

Every woman should find her tribe and find her rightful place in a sisterhood. Doing so will free the feminine energy needed to heal herself—and the...

Cyrena Lee
February 4 2017

How To Step Into Your Feminine Power As The Queen You Really Are

Now more than ever, we need the women of this world to rise up as queens.

Yancy Lael
January 14 2017
PAID CONTENT FOR Knopf, Publisher of Paulo Coelho

This Historical Novel Is A Must-Read For Every Nasty Woman

Paulo Coelho's latest endeavor, "The Spy," tells the story of Mata Hari—a woman who exemplified feminine empowerment and independence and, some would...

November 29 2016

5 Reasons To Ditch Your Tampons (And Why It's Easier Than You Think)

Why should you make the switch to a menstrual cup? They're easier on the environment, way less likely to cause TSS than tampons, and super comfortable...

November 23 2016

You Have A Beautiful Soul + 6 Other Things Every Mother Should Tell Their Daughter

"Your soul is the wisest, most secure part of you. It will always guide you in the right direction and calm you during times of uncertainty."

Linda Wattier
October 3 2016

A 10-Minute Yoga Sequence To Discover Your Feminine Power

In the yogic understanding, our feminine power — or Shakti-prana — is our ability to create and birth life itself or to turn any dream and vision into...

Ashley Turner
November 18 2015

What I Wish More Women Understood About The Clitoris

Mother Nature has been most generous in bestowing females with the clitoris.

12 People On What The Word "Slut" Means To Them

"Slut" is a loaded term. And while there's been a recent spike in public outcry over "slut-shaming," the word has been around for a while. Around...

Emi Boscamp
August 24 2015

7 Ways To Raise A Son Who Will Grow Up To Respect Women

A few months ago, I said something to my 12-year-old son that I’d been wanting to convey to him his entire life: “You know, one day you will have a...

Emma Dixon, PhD
August 18 2015

I Didn't Get A Job Because I Was A Size 12. Now I'm A Body-Positive Role Model

After graduating college with a BFA in Theater, I found my career passion as a teaching artist at various dance studios around New York City. I was a...

Kelly Wadler
August 14 2015

10 Reasons To Love (Like, REALLY Love) Amy Schumer

Yes, she can be vulgar, shameless, and even offensive, but that's not all she's about. We've fallen for Amy, utterly and completely, and here...

Emi Boscamp
July 30 2015

Why I Celebrate The Fact That I Don't Have A Supermodel Body

When I was about 11 years old, we had to do a group trust exercise in summer camp. The goal of the exercise was to get all the campers through a...

Kelly Wadler
May 28 2015

How I Learned To Stop Calling Myself "Fat, Disgusting & Ugly"

A few years ago, I often found myself lying on the bathroom floor, paralyzed by my negative thoughts about my body. I would call myself "fat,...

Taryn Brumfitt
May 13 2015