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From Graysexual To Heteroflexible, Here's A Big Glossary Of Sexual Identities

There are more terms than ever to help you more accurately describe who you're into.

Stephanie Barnes
January 13 2022

Understanding The Mother Wound, The Unique Trauma We Inherit From Our Mothers

Our mothers and grandmothers endured growing up in a deeply patriarchal society. What if those traumas get passed on to the next generation?

Julie Nguyen
November 28 2021

Do You Only Want Sex Once There's An Emotional Connection? This May Be Why

Some people only feel sexual attraction when there's an emotional connection involved.

Stephanie Barnes
June 2 2021

What The 'Divine Feminine' Is All About & 9 Ways Anyone Can Embody It

Everyone has both the feminine and the masculine qualities.

Sarah Regan
March 22 2021

The Female-Led Relationship Blends Feminism & Kink: Here's How To Explore

For the woman who loves being in control and the people who want to worship her.

Kelly Gonsalves
February 16 2021

I Started A Virtual Community Bathhouse Amid COVID — Here's Why

"In an environment where safety has a question mark behind it and not a period, queer and transgender people of color need these spaces to have a soft...

Jasmine Burnett
January 17 2021

Why Chore Lists Don't Help Couples Share Housework Equally

The "divide and conquer" strategy might not be working when it comes to chores.

Kelly Gonsalves
September 16 2020