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What I Tell My Patients About Belly Fat + How To Get Rid Of It

Shockingly, about 69% of American adults are overweight, leading to an increased risk for numerous chronic illnesses, including heart disease, stroke,...

Mark Hyman, M.D.
June 30 2015

5 Foods To Add More Healthy Fats To Your Diet

My diet is 40-60 percent fat depending on my energy requirements for the day. This may sound shocking coming from someone who’s known for guzzling...

Amanda Chantal Bacon
June 29 2015
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25 Tricks To Follow A Low-Sugar Lifestyle

Sugar may be sweet, but, as more and more research shows, it's not so nice. It quickly turns into fat in our bodies, contributes to obesity, puts us...

June 1 2015

3 Foods That Could Be Making You Anxious + How To Eat Your Way Calm

You may think that the stress in your life is just a result of your hectic schedule or financial worries. But what you may not realize is that the...

Eva Selhub, M.D.
May 10 2015

How Men & Women Burn Fat Differently + What To Do For Your Body

Editor's note: It's no surprise that men and women burn fat very differently. Here are the six major differences between the sexes, as well as...

Abel James
April 11 2015

8 Natural Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

If you think belly fat is a big deal, you're right. And the reasons have nothing to do with vanity. Belly fat is the staging area for diabetes, high...

Dr. Mitchell Gaynor
March 31 2015

Why The American Diet Needs To Go Even More Mediterranean

Every five years, the Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) update the Dietary Guidelines for...

Will Clower, PhD
March 20 2015

I'm A Doctor & Even I Couldn't Follow My Own Eating Advice

I'm a physician. An orthopedic spine surgeon to be exact. I'm also a wife and a mother. In all three roles — doctor, wife, and mom — there's one...

Carrie Diulus, M.D.
March 12 2015

Facebook Finally Removes "Feeling Fat" As A Status Option

Facebook no longer considers "fat" a feeling.

Emi Boscamp
March 11 2015

3 Health Rules Everyone Can Live By

It's difficult to sort through the massive quantity of health advice out there, much of which winds up being contradictory. If you're just trying to...

February 20 2015

The Fat-Busting Properties Of Red Wine

Having a glass of wine with dinner can be one of life's greatest pleasures — and it need not be a guilty one. Not only does it have heart and gut...

Emi Boscamp
February 6 2015

Where Fat Really Goes When You Lose Weight (Video)

Do you know where fat goes when you lose weight? If you ask the average person (and even some experts) where they think the fat goes when we "burn" it...

Phoenyx Austin, M.D.
February 4 2015

Where Does Fat Go When You Lose Weight?

A common misconception is that, when we lose weight, our fat is converted to muscle. Or energy. Or poop. The reality, though, is that we breathe it...

Emi Boscamp
December 19 2014

There's No "One-Size-Fits-All Diet," So What's A Body To Do?

For almost three years, I reviewed literature on nutrition. Is whole grain the staff of life or can it damage the brain or the gut? Is wheat a...

Joan Borysenko
November 23 2014

THIS Is Why You're Not Losing Weight

"I got on the scales, and … nothing," a frustrated client will occasionally tell me. When you fully commit to something, you expect consistent...

JJ Virgin, CNS
October 10 2014

Why You Should Train Less (But Smarter!)

When I tell people they're wasting their time with unnecessarily long training sessions, they often think I’m completely nuts.

Ines Festini
October 10 2014

The Skinny On Body Fat: 4 Surprising Facts

Fat: That bulge when you indulge. And yes, some of us have quite a bit of bulge to show for what we've indulged in.

Phoenyx Austin, M.D.
October 8 2014

5 Pieces Of Health Advice You Should Never Follow

We all want to be healthier these days, which is awesome — but when everyone and their Aunt Doris has an opinion on how exactly to do that, things can...

Meghan Telpner
September 26 2014