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8 Ways Quitting "Fast Fashion" Can Lead To A More Mindful Life

A few years ago, I worked in the nonprofit sector and was passionate about being a “do-gooder.” But my social consciousness didn’t yet extend to my...

Sara Weinreb
April 2 2016

Check Out These Insanely Cool Wearable Plants

Spring has officially sprung (In New York, at least), and nothing screams "wardrobe revamp" like the start of a new season.

Emma Loewe
March 22 2016

My Ode To Yoga Pants: 4 Reasons They're The Best

Get ready to break up with your jeans, burn your jeggings, and cut up those flannel PJ pants in the back of your drawers. Here are four reasons why...

Emma Mildon
February 26 2016

Take A Peek Into Mark Zuckerberg's Ultra-Minimalist Closet

He may be the newly named sixth-richest man on the planet, but Mark Zuckerberg doesn't seem to be spending any of his $47 billion on frivolities.

Emma Loewe
January 30 2016

9 Gorgeous Women (Ages 61 To 94) Who Prove Beauty Is Ageless

To celebrate the pro-aging movement, we took a look at nine stunning women whose roles in recent campaigns prove that beauty is truly timeless.

Anna Williams
January 30 2016

The Carbon38 Founders On Conquering Community And The Future Of Athleisure

Caroline Gogolak and Katie Warner Johnson made it their business to find comfy clothes that are gorgeous and functional.

Colleen Wachob
January 25 2016

A 94-Year-Old Fashion Icon Is The New Face Of A Wearable Fitness Tracker

Let's be real: wearable fitness trackers aren't the most beautiful of accessories. It doesn't belong alongside your grandmother's pearls in your...

Emi Boscamp
January 14 2016

How I Created My Dream Wardrobe Without Buying Any New Clothes

As consumers, the best thing we can do for the environment is to shop for secondhand clothes or clothing made with natural fibers like cotton and...

Hanna Baror-Padilla
November 9 2015

7 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes You Can Make From Workout Clothes

There's no need to settle for whatever pre-packaged outfit is left at your local party supply store or fish whatever you've worn since college from...

Allie White
October 28 2015

7 Fun Ways To Save Money On Clothes (That You've Never Tried)

We all know the benefits of recycling, but upcycling takes the concept one step further by turning used materials into higher-value objects.

Emma Loewe
September 30 2015

I Cut My Wardrobe In Half & It Completely Changed My Life

When I took the time to really think about how every single item I owned made me feel, I realized that an overflowing wardrobe brought me nothing but...

Lucie Thompson
August 26 2015

How To Find The Best Workout Apparel For Your Body Type

The best style appears effortless, authentic and natural.

Lorna Jane Clarkson
July 17 2015

Shop More Sustainably With These 4 Eco-Chic Tips

Today it's possible to find clothes that are modern stylish, comfortable and beautiful — and made in socially and environmentally responsible ways....

Marci Zaroff
June 12 2015

How Making My Wardrobe 37 Pieces Totally Changed My Life

What I learned from the experience and about myself was surprising, refreshing and, I believe, would benefit anyone — packrats and ardent minimalist...

Ashlee Piper
April 20 2015

What Your Clothing Color Choice Says About You

Last month, I was particularly aware of my mental murkiness. It didn't matter how many green juices, meditation sessions or extra hours of sleep I...

Tory Dube
March 3 2015

Pregnant & Have Back Pain? It May Be Your Bra

Skimping on good bras will contribute to upper body pain and discomfort

Denise Jagroo, DPT, WCS
December 17 2014