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Elle MacPherson on Meditation & Eating Organic

Supermodel and mom, Elle MacPherson, looks gorgeous at 48-years-old. It might have something to do with the fact that she meditates daily and eats...

August 23 2011

Elle MacPherson on Yoga, Meditation, Organics

Can you believe that Elle 'The Body' MacPherson is 48-years-old? So how does the mother of two boys still look stunning? She practices yoga,...

June 28 2011

Elle MacPherson on Eating Too Much & Feeling Fit

Elle MacPherson, the 47-year-old supermodel and mother of two boys, says she has to exercise a lot because she loves food so much. She also says that...

August 17 2010

Elle MacPherson: On Wellness, Beauty, and Pilates

At age 46, the mother-of-two and former supermodel still looks stunning. Elle shared some of her diet and fitness tips -- and thoughts on wellness and...

Jason Wachob
February 17 2010