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The One Thing I Learned From Being On 50 Diets In 5 Years

What this woman learned when she ditched dieting and got in touch with her intuition.

Samantha Skelly
July 29 2016

How Sex Helped Me Recover From My Eating Disorder

"The practice of tantra connected me to my heart and taught me how to move into my desires."

Shayna Hiller
July 17 2016

5 Things I Wish More People Knew About Binge-Eating Disorder

I’d come home each day from a job that was making me unhappy, living in a body that I didn’t like, and beeline for the fridge. Fifteen minutes later,...

Kyla Sokoll-Ward
June 15 2016

How To Stop Obsessing About Body Weight & Eating, For Good: An RD Explains

If you’re food- and weight-obsessed, it could be a sign that you’re seeking meaning.

8 Ways To Eat Like You Love Yourself

Food is your ally—a tool to help you feel strong, clearheaded, and capable

Katie Dalebout
May 1 2016

Ditch Binge Eating For Good With These Simple Questions

The next time you find yourself sprinting to the kitchen with dreams of devouring BBQ chips by the fistful, stop and take this quick survey instead.

Lu Uhrich
April 7 2016

I Started Binge Eating After My Sister's Death. Here's How I Stopped

After my sister's suicide, I began to binge—devouring all the processed food I could get my hands on to suffocate the pain. Here's how I finally...

Sabrina Must
March 22 2016

7 Ways To Banish Emotional Eating For Good

Sure, we all overeat sometimes. But if you find yourself frequently using food to cope with uncomfortable feelings, it's time to break the frustrating...

Melainie Rogers, M.A., CEDRD
February 27 2016

5 Reasons Everyone Needs To Be Aware Of Eating Disorders (Even If You Don't Have One)

Today marks the start of this year's Eating Disorders Awareness Week. If you aren't personally struggling, you might be wondering why this should...

Mary Anne Cohen, LCSW, BCD
February 21 2016

I Almost Gave My Husband An Eating Disorder

My husband and I started dating about a year after I lost 150 pounds. Like many women who set out to lose the excess weight for good, I was fully...

Naomi Teeter
January 10 2016

5 Ways To Support Someone With An Eating Disorder (And 5 Things NEVER To Do)

Watching someone you love self-destruct is a heartbreaking experience. When someone we care about has an eating disorder — whether it's anorexia,...

Melainie Rogers, M.A., CEDRD
December 24 2015

The Bulimia Relapse That Transformed My Life (For The Better)

This time last year, if you were to see my life on paper, you would’ve thought I had it all. I had a fancy title with a built-in promotion and a solid...

December 23 2015

How This Blogger's "Healthy" Habits Became The Most Unhealthy Part Of Her Life

The wellness world is a unique and funny place sometimes. This community (that we here at mindbodygreen are very much a part of) has the best of...

Leah Vanderveldt
December 1 2015

It Was Radically Simple But Huge — I Started Eating 3 Meals A Day

It seems odd to think that something as seemingly obvious as eating three meals a day could radically change your life. But if you're someone who has...

Benazir Radmanesh
November 30 2015

How I Overcame Anorexia ... And Became A Competitive Eater

I can’t say I ever aspired to be a competitive eater. Inhaling massive quantities of food at a breakneck pace wasn’t something I dreamed of doing as a...

Furious Pete
November 30 2015

What I Wish More People Knew About Overcoming An Eating Disorder

You can't tell whether a person has an eating disorder by his or her looks. Some are skinny, some are large, and some are in between. They also have...

Mary Anne Cohen, LCSW, BCD
November 27 2015

Can Veganism Lead To Eating Disorders? A Nutritionist Weighs In

By now you've probably heard about Jordan Younger, the Blonde Vegan blogger who quit being vegan and recently published a book detailing why she...

Amy Good
November 24 2015

Molly Sims Reveals The Disturbing Truth About How She Stayed Model Skinny

Recently, supermodels have been speaking out about the immense pressure put on them to maintain a certain appearance — and it's still a major issue —...

Emi Boscamp
November 12 2015

How Surviving Anorexia Taught Me Self-Love

When I was young, my mother loved to cook. There was little processed food in our house and mom made it a point to create wholesome, nourishing meals...

Lara Hudson
August 13 2015