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I Wrote The Book About DIY Beauty — My 3 Favorite Ingredients To Use

In this episode of Clean Beauty School, I chat with Nikita Upadhyay about her book "Roots to Radiance" and how to stop being "influenced."

This 60-Second Hack Is Here To Banish Your Puffy Eyes (Thank Us Later)

This trick promises to banish the swelling in as little as 60 seconds.

Jamie Schneider
September 22 2021

7 Must-Try Deep Conditioning Masks You Can Make At Home For Any Hair Type

Even the most diligent person might experience a little hair damage from time to time.

Dorian Smith-Garcia
June 27 2021

Give Your Gift, Then Send Dad Here: 5 Best Men's Grooming Tips From Top Experts

Because gifting the men in your life with grooming goodies is only half of the equation.

Jamie Schneider
June 17 2021