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4 Skin Care Ingredients Every Natural Beauty Fan Should Know

There's a lot of information out there about the bad guys, the dangers of and reasons why we shouldn't be using conventional skin care that contains...

Jennifer Freitas
June 22 2015

Soothe Your Skin With This DIY Garden Mint Astringent

As the days adjust to growing longer and warmer, your skin goes through a seasonal transition as well, making cooling astringents a great addition to...

Becca Piastrelli
June 21 2015

The Truth About Sunscreen + A Natural, Homemade Alternative

With temperatures rising steadily around the country, it’s important to start thinking about sun protection. There are two types of sun protection...

Dr. Pragati Gusmano
June 20 2015

The Easiest Way To Get All-Natural Beach Waves (No Heat Required!)

No matter how smooth your hair is naturally, most of us are likely to end up with a frizzy mess atop our heads if we don't take the time to blow dry...

Josh Rosebrook
June 19 2015

3 All-Natural Ways To Exfoliate In Less Than 10 Minutes

Exfoliating your skin is crucial for a healthy, vibrant complexion. Since the top layer of the skin (the epidermis) is renewed every two weeks,...

Audrey Lefebvre
June 17 2015

11 DIY Ways To Use Honey For Gorgeous Skin, Hair & Nails (Infographic)

Sure, we all know honey makes for a great, healthier alternative to sugar, but were you aware it's awesome for beauty uses too? Head-to-toe, honey...

Allie White
June 7 2015

The Clean Beauty Regimen: Ditch Synthetics & Discover Natural

After I was diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune disease, I made the decision to only use skincare and beauty products that were completely free of...

Sarah Hancock
June 4 2015

How To Be Smart & Safe When It Comes To Nail Polish

Everyone is abuzz about nail salons since the New York Times published its two-part series chronicling the many atrocities taking place right under...

Alexandra Spunt
June 2 2015

An Exfoliating & Moisturizing DIY Treatment For A Dry Scalp

A healthy scalp encourages strong hair growth for years. But when your scalp is unhealthy, it can be dry, itchy and bad for the health of your hair....

Josh Rosebrook
May 27 2015

6 Conventional Beauty Products You Need To Toss ASAP

Everyday personal care products contain thousands of chemicals that affect hormones and may be linked to various illnesses. Cosmetic manufacturers...

Jennifer Freitas
May 23 2015

How I Naturally Healed My Acne-Prone Skin

When I made a drastic lifestyle shift in order to heal some more severe health issues I had, I healed my acne- and wrinkle-prone skin in the process....

Osha Key
May 18 2015

Tone & Tighten Your Skin With This DIY Raspberry Facial Mask

Whether we like it or not, the effects of aging and sun damage show up on our face. And, while I’m a proud proponent of rocking your grays and...

Becca Piastrelli
May 17 2015

Ditch The Toxic Household Cleaners! Try These 5 Essential Oils Instead

Spring is in full bloom, but if you're a little behind on your seasonal cleaning, now is as good a time as ever to throw open those windows and give...

Ashley Griffith
May 16 2015

Ditch The Chemicals! 5 Head-To-Toe DIY Beauty Treatments

A few years ago, I tried to purge my bathroom of all lotions and potions containing scary toxins, hormone disruptors and chemicals I couldn’t...

Emily Feinstein
May 14 2015