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PAID CONTENT FOR Alan Christianson, NMD, author of The Metabolism Reset Diet

Understanding The Four Types Of Digestion Is The KEY To Healing Your Gut

Harness the power of ayurveda to say goodbye to bloating and digestive distress.

Jasmine Hemsley
January 22 2019

This Ingredient Could Be One Of The Best Ways To Detox Your Skin & Body

One of the simplest ways to upgrade your natural health and beauty routine.

Stephanie Eckelkamp
January 21 2019

The 5 Best Gut-Healing Weeknight Dinners

A healthy dinner in 5 minutes or less? Challenge accepted.

Liz Moody
January 3 2019

This Was The Best Healthy Eating Advice We Heard In 2018

Including bad news about caffeine and what we're all getting wrong about a high-fat diet.

Liz Moody
December 28 2018