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Why This MD Created The Nutritarian Diet + An Immunity-Improving Salad

Thousands of people around the world now call themselves "nutritarians" because they eat a nutrient-dense, plant-rich diet for better health and a...

Joel Fuhrman, M.D.
March 5 2020

How Washing The Dishes Can Help You Digest Your Thoughts (And Your Meal)

The most important part of the meal, it turns out, may be the cleanup.

Peter Miller
March 3 2020

This Is The Best Type Of Probiotic To Try If You're Feeling Bloated

Bifidobacteria vs. Lactobacillus: What's the difference and why it matters.

Lindsay Boyers
February 25 2020

Does The GOLO Diet Work? Here's What A Functional Medicine Doctor Thinks

The GOLO diet combines a meal plan with their supplement, Release.

Sarah Regan
January 8 2020

A Spice Expert Shares The One Mistake To Avoid When Buying Cinnamon

Whether you sprinkle a bit in coffee or add a tablespoon to your baked goods, cinnamon is beloved by many.

Kanchan Koya, Ph.D.
January 5 2020

Ate Too Much And Feeling Full? These 4 Teas May Offer Some Relief

Nothing can spoil a great meal like feeling uncomfortably full, which is why we put together a list of teas sure to help ease digestion.

Sarah Regan
November 28 2019

The 5 Teas You Should Always Bring With You When You Travel

They can soothe digestion, eliminate stress, and help you sleep better!

Liz Moody
October 15 2019