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Why Diabetes Gets Worse Over Time In Spite Of Drug Treatments

Almost 26 million Americans have type II diabetes, and many don't even know they have it. This silent killer is a leading cause of heart disease and...

William Cole, D.C., IFMCP
September 20 2013

Why A Natural Approach To Treating Type 2 Diabetes Beats Medicine

When I recently read the American Diabetes Association's 2013 Standards of Medical Care for Type 2 Diabetes, I found many extremely alarming...

Michael T. Murray, N.D.
March 20 2013

Do You Really Need Medication To Lower Your Cholesterol?

Cholesterol lowering medication is the top-selling prescription drug in this country. Somehow, everyone has ended up on these drugs.

Susan Blum, M.D., MPH
February 7 2013

How I Merged My Passions: Yoga and Wine

In my late 20s, I lost my sight due to juvenile diabetes. I had been raised in the wine business from childhood and had already been working in the...

Alex Elman
December 16 2012

Why Chewing Gum is Bad for Your Health

Chewing gum is not a healthy habit! Gum products contain artificial ingredients and preservatives that contribute to poor dental health as well as...

Katherine Leonard, M.S.
December 2 2012

Is Your Coffee Habit Killing You?

It’s hard to find an American who isn’t regularly enjoying a latte, thanks to the popularity of Starbucks and fast-food restaurants jumping in on the...

Kylie Deppen
November 13 2012

8 Natural Diabetes Fighters

Diabetes and its complications have become the fifth-leading cause of death in the United States. There are 27 million diabetics in the United States...

William Cole, D.C., IFMCP
November 6 2012

10 Reasons Why Chillies Rock

As well as being yummy, chillies boast many amazing health-enhancing benefits. To make the most of these properties, we don’t need to start chomping...

Louise Jensen
October 25 2012

5 Tips to Prevent Aging and Disease

Dr. Brian Clement, N.M.D., Ph.D., L.N., author, international lecturer, and director of Hippocrates Health Institute discusses how diet can help...

October 9 2012