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DIY: 9 Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

Did you know that the ingredients aren’t required to be listed on conventional cleaning products because their formulas are considered protected trade...

72 Uses For Simple Household Products To Save Money & Avoid Toxins

Limiting the amount of products you bring into your home will not only cut down on costs at the grocery store but will keep you and your family...

Cortney Harden
April 5 2013

7 Ways To Unlock Your Potential By Clearing Clutter

Clutter creates stagnant energy that keeps you trapped in every way imaginable.

Jayme Barrett
March 28 2013

DIY: Use Baking Soda To Exfoliate Your Skin

Baking soda is a miracle in a can. It’s been used for hundreds of years for cleaning, washing, baking, and even facials. 

Megan Porschen
March 25 2013

What I Learned From A Facebook Detox (And Why You Should Do One, Too)

I strongly believe a Facebook detox is a spiritually powerful idea that can benefit anyone.

Sarah Anne Stewart
March 19 2013

8 Easy Steps To Purge Your Home Of Toxic Chemicals

The world of green living is vast. After all, green really just means healthy. Most of us come to it from one angle (food?) or another (parenthood?)....

8 Natural Cleansing Practices

Natural cleanses or detoxes are intended to remove toxins trapped in the body.

Lisa Mitchell
March 1 2013

Why You Should Start Oil Pulling Today

It’s a simple practice, with quite remarkable results.

February 27 2013

5 Simple Ayurvedic Tips To Balance Your Mind, Body, & Spirit

Ayurveda is the ancient medicine from India that focuses on mind, body, and spirit health through diet, lifestyle, physical activity, and cleansing....

Beth Anderson
February 24 2013

10 Life Lessons From My 14-Day Detox

Because I’m not picky at all, I thought this would be fairly easy.

Samantha Negrin
January 27 2013

Your 3-Day Winter Detox

A detox plan, the way a doctor recommends.

Aviva Romm, M.D.
January 25 2013

4 Yoga Poses to Alleviate Stress, Headaches, Insomnia, and Overindulgence

This holiday season, take time each day to assess how you feel and then make a point of spending at least five minutes on the mat to calm and heal.

Gabrielle Harris
December 28 2012

5 Foods to Help Detoxify the Body

To help reboot your body’s detox system and clear environmental and dietary toxins.

Dana James, M.S., CNS, CDN
December 12 2012

9 Foods That Will Naturally Detox You

Think the only way to detox is with a juice cleanse? Think again!

Maria Marlowe
November 23 2012

11 Tips to Get a Good Night's Sleep

If you want to be healthy, be full of energy, maintain a stable weight, emit a radiant glow and stay positive, then sleep needs to be a non-negotiable...

Claire Charters
October 19 2012